Profiles & Work of Professional Motion Picture Production and Post Talent

Das Tassos

Born in Greece, raised in Germany, Das Tassos works with global clients, internationally. His life revolves around a deep love for cinema and stories that resonate with the viewers heart. Das Tassos is an experienced director, with a rare talent for presenting simple life stories, in a fresh and engaging manner. His main focus, always,… Continue reading Das Tassos

K U K L A Directress

Kukla is a film Directress from the Balkans, Europe. Her films, commercials and music videos lead by dream logic explore her Slavic heritage and bend the boundaries between magic and realism.

Mzonke Maloney

Mzonke is an international director out of Cape Town, South Africa, known for his distinctive style and sense of humor. He is known for his focus on compelling character-driven narratives that push boundaries and authenticity. His work showcases a unique voice that demonstrates a deep passion for the art of cinema and storytelling. Mzonke has… Continue reading Mzonke Maloney

Karol K

Karol began his artistic journey as an illustrator and art director, creating advertising campaigns for variety of brands. Next he spend some time doing animation and VFX and this brought him to directing. Having this experience makes him a master at combining live action with VFX. Among almost hundred commercials he directed, there are some… Continue reading Karol K

Julia R

Julia started her professional career by directing music videos. Very quickly she received acknowledgment as a talented and creative director – in 2012 Australian portal, which specializes in music videos, awarded her as the Best Music Videos Director of the year. She is one of the best commercial female directors known for her creativity… Continue reading Julia R

Spare Brain

SPARE BRAIN | Film director | Monsters, VFX, Comedy. Based in London. Meet SPARE BRAIN, a visionary film director renowned for his captivating commercials featuring monsters, weird creatures and groundbreaking visual effects. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, SPARE BRAIN has carved a niche in the advertising industry, elevating brands… Continue reading Spare Brain

Guimo Sartori

Hi, I am Guimo! Directing is my way of turning wild ideas into real, memorable experiences—each frame a defiance of the ordinary. Back in ’08, I realized just watching stories unfold wasn’t cutting it for me—I needed to be the one telling them. So, I dove into filmmaking, getting my hands dirty with everything from… Continue reading Guimo Sartori

Mattia Lunardi

Mattia was born in a town next to a magical tiny lake in northern Italy. After a childhood spent playing guitar in a couple of Heavy Metal bands, immersing himself in music and cinema, and convincing parents and friends to act in his first film experiments. Mattia graduated from the New Academy of Fine Arts… Continue reading Mattia Lunardi

Miguel Murciano

Based in Mexico City. Miguel Murciano discovered his real passion for films when he was a kid and his father introduced him to Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western films. He soon realized how a genre could be turned into comedy, finding new ways of showing the same in a creative way to entertain people. Afterwards, he… Continue reading Miguel Murciano

Joaquin Manuel

Joaquín Manuel is a director and producer born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Since 2017 he has called Albuquerque his home base. Working on dozens of major feature films, television shows, music videos, and commercials; Joaquín has also helped to create and produce commercials for clients such as The New Mexico Department of… Continue reading Joaquin Manuel