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Guimo Sartori

Hi, I am Guimo! Directing is my way of turning wild ideas into real, memorable experiences—each frame a defiance of the ordinary. Back in '08, I realized just watching stories unfold wasn't cutting it for me—I needed to be the one telling them. So, I dove into filmmaking, getting my hands dirty with everything from gritty short films to quirky music videos. It's been about breaking the mold and skipping the predictable paths. Along this journey, I've connected with other creative souls, and together, we've scored some pretty sweet wins, like the Golden Lion at Mix Brasil. When 2018 hit and I was named one of Brazil's Young Lions, it felt like my passport to bigger, bolder storytelling got stamped. Every story whispers its own secrets, and I'm all about uncovering them, crafting something truly unique. It's this constant mix-up, the search for the unexplored, that keeps the fire burning. For me, directing is about capturing those wild sparks of imagination and turning them into something you can see, feel, and remember. Every frame is a rebellion against the ordinary, a shot at something raw and real.