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In today's highly competitive environment, getting noticed by industry decision-makers is no easy feat. Because your potential collaborators & clients read SHOOTonline, SHOOT's 3 email newsletters, SHOOT Magazine and The SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) to stay connected to what's going on in the industry and to learn about resources important to their everyday business and future growth it makes perfect sense to promote your talent, work & news with SHOOT via MySHOOT.
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MySHOOT is a commercial, movie, TV & Video production & post talent database for
professional production/post artisans & the companies who represent them, to
share their profiles & work with potential clients who visit SHOOTonline every day for the latest industry news, trends and work. MySHOOT profile(s) include bios, reel(s), photos & contact info. "Plus & Premier" memberships are for individuals (directors, DPs, Editors, Post & VFX artists, mixers, composers, etc.) "Business (single co. or division) & Enterprise (cos. with multiple divisions)" memberships are for companies, rep firms & agents.

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Once your MySHOOT Profile is live, SHOOT will promote it in a BIG WAY! For Plus & Premier Members: Your talent profile headshot will appear on our 3 email newsletters, The SHOOT>e.dition, The SHOOT Dailies and Brand New[s] When readers click on headshot, they are linked to your profile. For Business Members: Your company logo will appear on SHOOTonline and The SHOOT Publicity Wire -and- company logo & headshots of your individual artisans on The SHOOT>e.dition, The SHOOT Dailies & Brand New[s]. The value of this promotion is thousands of $ and the industry exposure is priceless!

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MySHOOT Setup Service

Once you become a MySHOOT member, you can start creating your MySHOOT profile anytime.

Uploading your profile copy, photos, logo and reel is easy.  Click Here to view How to Screencast.

If you don’t have the time to set it up, you can utilize SHOOT’s set up service where we will find, gather, polish up and post your information and reel/reels for your approval and then show you how to keep it up to date.

Business Members: MySHOOT Set Up Fee for Company Profile with up to 10 individual profiles: $399.95
Plus or Premier Members: MySHOOT Set Up Fee for Per Individual Talent Profile: $149.95

SHOOT Annual New Directors Showcase Event at the DGA in NYC

Get “Face to Face” with the future of film, TV and commercial content creation and some of the innovative executives and artisans on the forefront. Join The Editors of SHOOT along with our sponsors, each year at the DGA Theatre in NYC, for an informative and entertaining afternoon of the Annual SHOOT Directors/Producers Forum panels and speakers, followed by a fun-filled evening including the debut screening of SHOOT’s Annual New Directors Showcase reel, panel introducing the new directors, and after-party.  For Event Sponsor info, visit 

The SHOOT Publicity Wire

The SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) service provides motion picture PR, marketing professionals, companies, talent and entrepreneurs a powerful, sophisticated yet economical, tool to communicate your your story directly to hard-to-reach, influential, motion-picture industry decision-makers in filmmaking, television, commercials, web multimedia industries. Click here learn more

SHOOT Advertising

Reach potential clients in the SHOOT digital & print formats they connect with every day.  Advertising options include website, email newsletters, print & PDF magazine issues with digital distribution and custom email blast service.  Whether you combine digital & print for a powerful integrated marketing approach or choose one platform to focus on, we can put together a tailor-made and cost-effective campaign.  For information, visit


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