Profiles & Work of Professional Motion Picture Production and Post Talent

Miguel Murciano

Based in Mexico City. Miguel Murciano discovered his real passion for films when he was a kid and his father introduced him to Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western films. He soon realized how a genre could be turned into comedy, finding new ways of showing the same in a creative way to entertain people. Afterwards, he moved to Italy to work in several postproduction and camera departments, and there he shot his first short film “La Metafora del Piccione”, (“The Pigeon’s Metaphor”) which was recognized in multiple festivals and received two awards. He then transitioned to a career in advertising, focusing on comedy and post-production. He has filmed on four continents, making his perspective wider and recognized in the industry. Currently Miguel is based in Mexico City where he has worked for brands such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Fiat, Nestlè, UPS, Bimbo, Santander bank, Philips among others. He is very talented when it comes to humour, directing actors and post-production, bringing creative solutions that impact on effective results. He is also into international food, motorsports, rugby, history, sailing and traveling around the world, if it is possible he likes to combine them but as you know it is really difficult to play rugby on a sailboat.