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MySHOOT ( or is a commercial, movie TV & video production and post talent database for motion picture artisans, and the companies who represent them, to promote their latest work and share talent profiles with ad agency, motion picture studio, TV & online networks, brand and brand agency and other motion picture decision-makers. MySHOOT was created to further help companies and their reps, talent agents and individual directors, cinematographers, editors and other motion picture artisans connect with prospects and clients producing commercial and entertaiment content. 

A MySHOOT profile will make finding you or your company faster and easier for the commercial and entertainment production & post decision-makers who regularly visit/read SHOOT platforms, The SHOOT Publicity Wire, SHOOT >e.dition, Brand New[s], SHOOT Dailies, SHOOT Screenwork, the SPW Media Alerts and SHOOT magazine. For over a half century, the industry has turned to SHOOT for the latest news and information on production, post, VFX, animation, music & sound companies and individual directors, cinematographers, editors, colorists, vfx & animation artists, composers, sound designers, mixers and other artisans.

To post your MySHOOT Company or Individual profile, simply sign up for one of SHOOT’s four membership levels.  SHOOT membership includes MySHOOT profile(s) with reel(s) and integration across SHOOT digital platforms. With a built in audience of production and post decision-makers who already visit SHOOTonline every day for the lastest industry information, news, trends and work, they can now connect directly to your new work, profile and contact information. Click Here to visit the MySHOOT Talent Database Home Page (

My SHOOT Company and Individual Talent Profiles include the following fields:

  • Photo gallery
  • Headshot or Company Logo
  • Reel with up to 10 videos (YouTube, Vimeo, or file upload acceptable)
  • Talent Bios & Company Profiles
  • Skills indexing
  • Latest individual or company News via RSS feed
  • Awards/History
  • Filmography
  • Film Festivals placements and awards
  • Google Location Map
  • All your or your compny’s social links with icons linking directly to your social page(s) on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Stage 32, etc.
  • Direct, Company, Rep, social media Contact Info
  • Display your Vimeo, Facebook, and Twiiter feeds

Companies eligible to set up Company Profiles
All commercial and entertainment production and post-related companies, independent rep firms, talent agencies, hybrid marketing/advertising/production companies, VFX and animation companies, music & sound companies and other related companies. 

Individuals eligible to set up Talent Profiles
Directors, cinematographers, freelance producers, editors, colorists, production designers, VFX supervisors and artists, animation artists, composers, sound designers, mixers and other related artisans

Examples of MySHOOT Company Profiles

  1. Click Here to visit ContagiousLA’s MySHOOT profile
  2. Click Here to visit Story’s MySHOOT Profile

Examples of MySHOOT Individual Talent Profiles

  1. Click Here to visit director Rebecca Blake’s MySHOOT Profile
  2. Click Here to vist cinematographer Brad Rushing’s MySHOOT Profile
  3. Click Here to visit director/cinematographer Scott C. McCullough’s profile
  4. Click Here to visit cinematographer/director/editor William Dhawan’s profile
  5. Click Here for Screencasts on creating MySHOOT individual and company profiles

Start Creating Your MySHOOT Profile – You Can Do It Or We Can Do It For You
As soon as you choose your membership level, you can start creating your profile. Uploading your profile copy, photos, logo and reel is easy. For those who don’t have the time to set it up themselves, SHOOT offers a set up service with a low fee where we will find, gather, polish up and post your information and reels for your approval and then show you how to keep it up to date.

Includes MyNewsroom Content Curation Feature
Taking the SHOOT NewsPage embed feature to the next level, SHOOT Newsroom allows members to create and manage an embeddable list of user curated content from third party websites, blogs, social sites, SHOOT News, and SHOOT Publicity Wire News – similar in concept to creating a video playlist on YouTube or Vimeo and embedding elsewhere on the web.  Setting up your MyNewsroom, consisting of your curated content that you’ve created (can be embedded HTML web page or blog) is as easy as copying our <iframe> code snippet and pasting the snippet into the desired location on your website. Primarily used to include resources from other domains, the <iframe>’s strength is that the embedded code is ‘live’ and immediately syncs with the parent document. This gives you the ability to create, manage and display your own custom, up-to-the-minute, News Page on your website. MyNewsroom also provides an RSS feed URL which can be used instead of iframe code when not approperiate such as emailing using Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. PR|Agency level members can create and manage a NewsRoom for each of your clients all in one place.

MySHOOT and MyNewsroom are the next generation extension of our 56-year commitment to introducing the work and covering the news of producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, post, VFX & animation artists, and music & sound artisans. These dynamic new offerings will be used for discovering and hiring talent by advertising agency creatives and producers, brands, TV, cable, movie, online and mobile content production/post decision-makers. The best part – the capability to set up your own MySHOOT Company or Talent Profile and MyNewsroom is included with all of SHOOT’s economical membership options!

Elevate your SEO Rankings with new SHOOT SmartLink Feature
Another feature included with three of the four membership levels is the SHOOT Smartlink feature that finds all instances, in the past, present and future of a company or talent name in all SHOOT databases and embeds a hyperlink to either your MySHOOT Profile page or your own web or social page. This can be useful for our members SEO PageRank because links coming into a webpage (i.e. your MySHOOT page or website homepage) from high authority site (i.e. SHOOTonline) helps a page’s SEO rankings by adding a vote of recommendation toward your site to search bots and is an important factor in determining a webpage’s search ranking. 

SHOOT Continues Its Mission To Connect Content Producers With Industry Decision-makers 
SHOOT’s unwavering mission for 56 years has been to… provide vital news and information about the creation of all forms of motion pictures ( feature films, television, docs, shorts, commercials, music videos, web, mobile, promos, trailers and branded content) necessary to its readers across all segments of the advertising & entertainment industries and to serve as a conduit between ad agencies, brands, entertainment companies, production & post cos/services & technology providers to help them come together as part of one community — opening doors to create new work, new business, new opportunities, and new partnerships.

SHOOT continues to accomplish this by providing news, information, perspectives, the best new work and the people and technology behind that work with features, interviews, survey articles and columns published across all of SHOOT’s print & digital platforms. SHOOT also focuses on providing clarity regarding the blurred boundaries between advertising and entertainment, helping executives and artisans to capitalize on the ever-changing media landscape. Additional coverage includes entertainment and commercial award shows, film festivals and industry events. Creative, production and business executives utilize the vast range of news and information that SHOOT provides in their day-to-day and long-term planning in what continues to be an increasingly more complex and global business.  On the marketing front, SHOOT continues to connect content creators to potential clients via SHOOT Magazine print advertising, SHOOTonline & SHOOT>e.dition banner advertising, SHOOT Custom email blasts, cross-platform sponsored feature packages, SHOOT Forum & NDS Event sponsorships and The SHOOT Publicity Wire service.

“Now, with its new member levels, SHOOT takes connecting content creators to potential clients to the next level, making it easier than ever for them to connect with each other,” explains SHOOT publisher & editorial director, Roberta Griefer. Griefer added, “I’ve wanted to offer our audience a talent database for a very long time and have in the past looked at purchasing existing services but none were quite right so ultimately we decided it would be best for our audience to build from the ground up so it would be totally targeted to their needs and we would have the ability to incorporate unique features such as MyNewsroom. We are truly thrilled to offer this service at a very low cost by including it at no charge with SHOOTonline membership —whether your work is :15, :60, or 2:00 hours long, becoming a SHOOT member will help companies, reps, agents and individual artisans connect their work to potential commercial and entertainment clients.”

Become Part Of The SHOOT Community By Choosing Your Membership Level
To get started creating your “MySHOOT” profile and/or “MyNewsroom”, or access the SHOOT archives (currently with articles dating back to 2005) simply select your SHOOT Member level that best suits you or your company for promoting to & growing your client base. SHOOT is pleased to offer four member levels:













MySHOOT Talent Profile with 1 Reel (up to 10 videos)

1 MySHOOT Talent Profiles with 3 Reels (up to 10 videos each)

MySHOOT Company Profile with 1 Company Reel (up to 10 videos each)

2-3 MySHOOT Company Profiles with 1 Company Reel each (up to 10 videos each)

Access SHOOT Database Archives & Magazine PDFs

Access SHOOT Database Archives & Magazine PDFs

10 MySHOOT Talent Profiles with 1 Reel each (up to 100 videos)

20-30 MySHOOT Talent Profiles with 1 Reel each (up to 10 videos each)

SHOOT Print Magazine (published 6x per year)

3 SHOOT Print Magazines (published 6x per year)

10 SHOOT Print Magazines (published 6x per year)

20 SHOOT Print Magazines (published 6x per year)

Annual Directors/Producers Forum & NDS Event Registration Directory

Annual Directors/Producers Forum & NDS Event Registration Directory

Annual Directors/Producers Forum & NDS Event Registration Directory

Annual Directors/Producers Forum & NDS Event Registration Directory

Personal Newsroom

Personal Newsroom

Access SHOOT Database Archives & Magazine PDFs

Access SHOOT Database Archives & Magazine PDFs


SHOOT Smartlink Instance for improved SEO

Company Newsroom

2-3 Company Newsrooms



SHOOT Company Smartlink Instance for Improved SEO

2-3 SHOOT Smartlink Instances for Improved SEO

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Get A Leg Up On The Competition
In today’s highly competitive environment, getting noticed by production/post decision-makers at Agencies, Brands, TV/Cable/Online/Mobile Networks, Movie studios and by executives and artisans at production & post companies is no easy feat. Because your potential clients read SHOOTonline, The SHOOT>e.dition, The SHOOT Dailies, SHOOT Magazine and the SPW to stay connected to what’s going on in the industry and to learn about resources and options important to their everyday business and future growth, it makes perfect sense to promote your talent, work & news in the same highly targeted environment with a MySHOOT Profile & My Newsroom Curated Content.

SHOOT Will Promote Your MySHOOT Profile Delivering Potential Clients Directly To It
Once your MySHOOT Profile is created, SHOOT will help drive traffic to it. A link to Your MySHOOT Profile will be included in…

  • MySHOOT Listing Column on the SHOOTonline Home Page
  • MySHOOT Listing Column on The SHOOT>e.dition, SHOOT Dailies, Brand New[s] and Screenwork email newsletters.

In addition to the above links to your MySHOOT profile, SHOOT will promote MySHOOT via email promotion and banner advertising on SHOOTonline and all email newsletters, publicity releases on the SHOOT Publicity Wire and print advertising in SHOOT Magazine.  With 40,000 unique monthly visitors to SHOOTonline, 28,000 opt-in subscribers to The SHOOT>e.dition, 18,000 opt-in subscribers to Brand New[s], 12,000 subscribers to ScreenWork, 3,500 subscribers to The SHOOT Dailies and 13,000 SHOOT Magazine Print & PDF version readers, we’ll continuously help direct them to the MySHOOT HomePage!

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