64 over 8 is an unconventional comedy about an eclectic group of extras struggling to make it in the entertainment industry. Following the adventures of "the gang", the show explores obstacles of set life from the bottom up. 

Olga Filatova, Walter Hendrix Jr. III, Jamie Griffon, Josh Jordan, Michael Kam, Justin Mcever, Ryan Monolopolus and Edward Reid. 

Kyle Krabb is an enthusiastic goofball from the midwest with dreams of hitting it big in Hollywood. A newcomer to Georgia’s entertainment industry, he lands a gig as an extra on the TV Series Totally Sarah. There he meets the disenfranchised Roland Krane, a long-time extra who has been stuck in the cycle of bad food and low pay (typical of extra work) for years. Falling in with Roland’s dissimilar group of mis t extras - or “the gang” - Kyle learns the ropes of surviving life in the background.
Roland reveals there is an entire subculture and caste-system to background acting, while Kyle discovers the vanity and power struggles that take place on set. Determined to remain optimistic, Kyle becomes the ying to Roland’s yang as the gang deals with daily turmoils of set life. The gang encounters delusional wannabe actors and power- hungry crew members, as we become acquainted with all types of extras, from the creepers and sleepers to the psychos
and newbies.