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Carlo Van de Roer

Company: CASEY
Carlo Van de Roer is not a psychic. He can, however, read your aura—that intangible, mystical energy unique to each individual—with the press of a button. 

As an inaugural participant in the New Museum’s New Inc program, Van de Roer founded a research and development lab in New York called Satellite Lab, with a focus on new technology for photography and film-making — this has led to the invention and patenting of several new camera and lighting technologies which he employs as a director and fine artist. 

His work has been exhibited world-over at venues such as M+B Gallery, Suite Gallery, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Haggerty Museum of Art, the Hyères Photography Festival, the Paris Photo Prize, and the MUSAC Museum of Contemporary Art – including in some of these institutions’ permanent collections. 

Damiani published Van de Roer’s first monograph, The Portrait Machine, with text by Val Williams. Notable press includes The New York Times, The New Yorker and Wired magazine. 

He has collaborated with Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi in Thor: Ragnarök and again in Love & Thunder. His patented technologies received a nod from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as revolutionary in-camera replacements for CGI that were never possible before. 

Select clients include Dolby, Microsoft, Dove, La Mer, Lexus, AMEX, Apple, Finlandia, Coty, The North Face, Marvel, Samsung, Estée Lauder, and J&J.