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KN+SAW > lifestyle directing reel

<p>KN+SAW specialize in directing live-action lifestyle spots for creatives worldwide. We shoot commercials and branded motion content.</p><p>Our specialty is filming families, kids, babies, toddlers, millennials and grown-ups! We have an adept understanding of the best way to film slice of life connection, people & food, retail & fashion, toys & education, healthcare & wellness and startup disruptors — a.k.a. inspired storytelling that gets clicks.</p><p>As a directing team, we specialize in crafting genuine lifestyle spots. At KN+SAW we create and capture authentic scenes that are playful and natural — scenes that engage the audience. Our trademark footage is filming “connected moments” with storytelling that has surprise and payoff.</p><p>We compose images that are fresh, whimsical and quirky. Shooting real emotion is what we are all about. Our work, in both broadcast & print, is grounded by being deeply rooted in connection.</p><p>From creative calls and throughout production, the client always gets our honest take on the boards as well as a clear vision of how we see it all coming together. Let us tell your story.</p>