Joey Waldrip

After abandoning his dream of capturing Big Foot (and finally settling the matter of his existence,) Joey Waldrip joined charlieuniformtango in 2002. He started as an assistant editor, but quickly migrated to the online effects department to begin training as a Flame Artist.  He was doing sessions almost the next day and hasn’t looked back since.  Joey is an avid outdoorsman, a devoted father of three children and the de-facto vice chairman of the tango social committee.  His suite is not just the place to go to solve challenging color or effects problems. It’s also where you’ll hear the latest “country” music, find out why Joey’s never been to New York, or learn about the nuances of why baseball isn’t incredibly boring.  Joey will continue to push the envelope of what can be done with the moving image on a computer for a few more years. Then he plans to retire at the age of 52, move to Wyoming to fish and drink beer until he tires of it. Then maybe he’ll re-kindle his dream of cornering Bigfoot, eventually befriending him, then releasing him back into the wild, keeping his secret safe forever.