Cinematographer, Director

Jimmy Matlosz

A Cinematographer who also happens to Direct, Jimmy seeks honesty, and integrity!  Jimmy came from a grass roots background, the school of hard knocks, where hard work pays off and you feel the grit of the earth between your teeth.  He is real, no BS, with depth and substance, and his cinematography reflects his need for making the outrageous, accessible.

He once had a summer job picking corn, another cutting lawns and yet another pumping gas.  He has renovated two houses and he still works on his own truck.  He likes riding and fixing his bicycle and getting his hands dirty.  He runs, he rides mountain bikes, road bikes (Fireflies West) and races against his son in cyclocross (his son usually wins), he loves snowboarding and cooking as well. He has created a few of his own recipes including gringo guacamole which is amazing, and his semi-healthy pancakes too!  If you are lucky you might get a bottle of his custom Petal Pepper.  

Jimmy has been regularly writing articles for ICG and HDvideoPro over the years, as well as being a contributor to the VES Handbook of Visual Effects (Section on High Speed Cinematography). Below are some of Jimmy's most recent writings for HDvideoPro: Maxing Out With The ALEXA Mini | "Cinema Quality Handheld Design" | At A Glance: A Real Lighting Game Changer | Leica SL | Wireless Lens Control, ARRI Style | Hawk V-Lite Vintage ’74 Anamorphics | 4K Super 35 Varicam LT | Keeping The Balance

Jimmy is a collaborator: a filmmaker, a storyteller, and a cinematographer. He loves shooting COMEDY, DRAMA and especially SPORTS spots.   He has the interesting distinction, of shooting stop motion, high speed and IMAX, but his heart is in live action.  He has a hunger to understand and grasp all aspects of film making to make the process easier so the creativity can rise to greater heights.  A rare bird indeed, with a unique classification, unparalleled perhaps, but humble to the core.


Sports, Comedy, Live action, High Speed, VFX, Tabletop, Virtual Reality
Camera Operator
Fine Art Photography
Panoramic Photography
Writer ( HDvideoPro)


2 Cinematography awards for Oedipus, Emerging Cinematographer Award, Sundance premier.   

25 years Camera Department:  Highlights:  Tim Burtons the Nightmare before X mas, IMAX: Alaska, Michael Jordan to the Max.  Features:  Kundun, Batman and Robin, Star ShipTropopers.

Working Cinematographer since 2003:  Hundreds of Commericals, a few music videos, first ever IMAX student film: The Princess and the Pea.  Who Killed The Electric car, Better Living Through Circuitry, I am trying to Break your Heart.  


Princess and the Pea ( IMAX), Manatee the Forgotten Mermaid (IMAX), Better Living Through Circuitry, Who Killed The Electric Car, I am Trying to Break Your Heart, Fragile, The Deadline, The Wrecking Crew, The Holy Canoli,  The Online Date (2016).

Film Festival History


The Online Date: Studio City Film Festival, Culver City Film Festival, Fylde Showcase, Westercon Film Festival.

Oedipus:  Sundance Premier,  Emerging Cinematographers Awards.  Many many More.  

Better Living Through Circuitry, Sundance and many more.  

Who Killed the Electric Car:  Sundance Premier.



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