James Rayburn

James Rayburn is a firm believer that timing is everything. Whether building a big laugh or crafting that compelling cry, timing plays a timely huge role in James’ storytelling. He has earned immense respect as an immersive editor who finds the right flow for the story instead of simply finding what works.  James’ time-tested talents can be seen in work for brands like FIAT, Universal Studios, Captain D’s Seafood, Dr. Pepper and Orkin. That work has afforded him the opportunity to work with esteemed agencies, such as The Richards Group, TM Advertising, Publicis Hawkeye, TracyLocke, Firehouse and others.  James’ sense of humor, unparalleled professionalism and ceaseless love for storytelling are obvious to anyone he works with. From the editing bay to the local foosball tournament, you can expect James to bring something unexpected to the table, and to create a sense of collaboration that crafts a timeless story – time and time again.