Chris Saul

Chris is a Cinematographer based in LA repped by Partos Co. looking for a (financially) good time! 

On the equipment front, Saul owns an ALEXA Mini camera package. “This camera is my go to for the majority of my projects. I’ve worked with quite a few different cameras and technologies and there’s a reason why the Arri Alexa is the most used digital camera. I always open to shoot with new cameras and I’d rather pick a good set of lenses over a camera any day. I feel it’s really all about lighting and lenses in cinematography.” 

Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts from California State University Northridge and a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography from the prestigious Art Center College of Design. 


Cinematographer. I own an Alexa mini. Check out my skills at

My Video Feed

Starring: Larry Fitzgerald
Director: Tyler Greco
Producer: Leslie Lucey
Creative Director: Roye Segal

This spot took place right in the middle of Larry's NFL season. He was only able to give us 2 1/2 hours to shoot which was a challenge. We spent most of the morning rehearsing where the camera would go and the lighting for each setup.

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: MJ Delaney
Client: Obama Foundation
Producer: Barry Heaps
Production Company: Moxie Pictures

Cast: Chris Saul

In the near future when gun deaths become an everyday occurance, a displaced roadkill cleanup worker applies for the newly federal-mandated position of ‘bodyman’.

*Finalist* - One Screen Short Film Festival

Starring W. Earl Brown and Marcus Henderson
Directors :: Ryan R. Browne, Nicholas Ciffone
Editor :: Jim Hutchins
DP :: Chris Saul
Shot on: Super 16mm film w/ Arri 416 & Hawk Anamorphics

Cast: Chris Saul

Tags: film, Kodak, Arri416, 7219, Hawk Anamorphics and Vision 3

Director: Orson Whales
Company: Radical Media

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Jeffrey DeChausse

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: MJ Delaney
Producer: Barry Heaps
Production Co: Moxie Pictures

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Ryan Patrick
Production: Whitelist

Cast: Chris Saul

Director : Brandon Nicholas
Producer : Lorna Paul
Cinematographer : Chris Saul
Creative Director : David Blacker
Production Designer : Danny Cistone III
Styling: Franzy Staedler

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Alex Germamotto
Agency: The Woo

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Nick Enriquez
Colorist: Kath Raisch
Editor: Josiah Spencer

Cast: Chris Saul

Written + Directed by Brandon Nicholas
Producer : Lorna Paul
Cinematographer : Chris Saul
Creative Director : Michael Blaney

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Kris Belman
Production Company: Caviar

Cast: Chris Saul

Got a new toy!
DJI Mavic Drone in NYC.
Music: Sufjan Stevens

Cast: Chris Saul

Director : Brandon Nicholas & Alex Germanotta
Producer : Lorna Paul
Cinematographer : Chris Saul
Creative Director : Michael Blaney
Production Designer : Andy Rhodes
Wardrobe : Gypsy Taylor
Food Stylist : Bonnie Belknap
Color : Kath Raisch @ Company 3

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Peter Sestina
Producers: Adam Reynolds, Chuck Oldfield
Cinematography: Chris Saul
Editor: Ali Baruck
Color: Kholi Hicks
Sound Design: Michael Beliveau
Production Company: Scopo Studios

Agency: Thrillist
Creative Director: Joshua Clark
Producer: Vin Nucatola

Cast: Chris Saul

Director: Kris Belman
Producer: Brian Joe

Cast: Chris Saul

CA Lotto
Directors: Pet & Flo
Production Co:Slim Pictures
Agency: Casanova//McCann

Cast: Chris Saul

HungryMan Productions
Director: Chris McPherson

Cast: Chris Saul and Chris McPherson

Director - Nick Enriquez
DP - Chris Saul
Producer - Pete Sestina
Colorist - Kath Raisch at Company 3
Sound Design/Mix - Cody Twitchell

Agency - The Marketing Arm

Cast: Chris Saul


Check out my commercials, narrative, and music video jobs history here.



2016 False Memory Syndrome (post-production) 
2016 Perfect Roast Potatoes (Short) (post-production) 
2016 Patient Seven (director of photography: The Visitant) (post-production) 
2012 Wake Up Call (Video documentary) (completed) 
2016 The Man from Death (Video short) 
2015 Hayley Kiyoko: Cliff's Edge (Video short) 
2015 Make Life a Sport (Short) 
2015 Hayley Kiyoko: Girls Like Girls (Video short) 
2014 The Visitant (Short) 
2013 Autumn Leaves (Short) 
2013 Woodland Heights (Short) 
2013 The Forge (Short) 
2013 BlackBoxTV (TV Series) (1 episode) - Going Down (2013)
2013 Novel (Short) 
2012 The Shoe (Documentary short) 
2012 Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks 
2012 Latin Button (Video short) 
2012 Drained (Short) 


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Motion Pictures and Film, Television

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