Abraham Roofeh

Abraham Roofeh’s career started early on as a professional skater. While setting trends and hurling himself down flights of stairs with his friends in New York City, Abraham was the one responsible for shooting and editing their daily sessions. Skate videos became music videos and music videos soon became branded content and commercials. Having worked closely with a variety of celebrities and sports athletes on creating original content, Abraham's ability to both ideate and execute on creative, resulted in winning multiple awards for his branded content and commercial work. As a director and editor, Abraham knows exactly what he needs when he walks on set to create memorable and thought provoking imagery. His diverse body of work along with a collaborative mindset, allows him the ability to bring a unique perspective to everything he touches.

Abraham Roofeh


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15 Telly Awards W3 Awards Project Isaac Awards Official Selection for "Counseling" 2014 NYTVF Short Form comedy competition. Content creator behind Stephon Marbury's ground breaking "Starbury" sneaker line.

Press: Billboard

Film Festival History

Executive Producer - Other People's People - Official Selection, Hollyshorts Producer - Trouble With Women - Official Selection, Long Island International Film Expo Producer - Trouble with Women - Official Selection, Long Beach International Film Festival Producer - Trouble with Women - Official Selection, Fort Myers Beach Film Festival Producer - Bereavement- Jury Award - Best Feature - Long Island International Film Expo Producer - Bereavement - Winner - Best Cinematography - New York City Horror Film Festival Producer - Bereavement - Winner - Best Director - New York City Horror Film Festival


Currently Freelance
Commercials, Motion Pictures and Film, Music Videos
Territory: World Wide
Contact: Abraham Roofeh
P: 5165080586
E: abe@abrahamroofeh.com


New York, NY
United States

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