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Ryan Monolopolus

Ryan Monolopolus
Ryan Monolopolus was born and raised in the small city of Buffalo, NY; it was there that he developed his passion for storytelling. After graduating from the University at Buffalo with a degree in Media Production and Sociology, he launched a boutique production company "Mono Productions" and has been traveling and working ever since.  Since 2015 Ryan was been working as a freelance director. His major work includes the feature documentary Recovery (2015), the TV Pilot 64/8, the American Civil War epic SHENANDOAH (2017), and the human-puppet drama Friends to the End (2017). Commercially he has collaborated with some of the world's leading brands including Converse, PGA Tour, World Organization, HP, Act on Climate, Rescue Me!, Outside Magazine and many more.  Ryan has worked on major union sets and on small crews internationally creating media. His work has been distributed worldwide, commercials nationally broadcast, and he recently won six awards at the Holiday 48 Hour Film Fest in New York, including Best Director. An avid traveler and martial artist, he spends his free time teaching and traveling in and outside the USA. Above all Ryan has been able to merge his passions in the media/entertainment industry that all converge under one life mission: To tell powerful, compelling and engaging stories to the world. In 2017 Ryan became a freelance director with FilmTribe.  In 2015 he launched an action design company On Camera Combatives, which has trained more than 2500 actors and performers in its first year of operation. In that same year Ryan joined the screen actors guild after his appearance on the TV Pilot The Grand Prince of Moscow. Since then Ryan has been performing regularly on shows including The Originals, MacGyver and more.  Ryan is also a former world champion in sports martial arts, he fought for Team USA between 2006 and 2010. He currently trains and teaches Filipino martial arts around the USA and Canada.  Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia and New York City, Ryan spends his time behind the scenes as a director/producer, and in front of the camera in acting/stunts. 

Recovery: Teaser Trailer

ALPHA: Fight Highlights

SHENANDOAH: Theatrical Trailer

64 Over 8: Theatrical trailer

Director Sizzle


Action Design
Stunt / Fight Performing


Major Awards:

  • Rising Star Award, Director Nominee, The 2017 Georgia Entertainment Gala 
  • Best TV Pilot (For 64 Over 8), Nominee, The 2017 Georgia Entertainment Gala
  • Best of Show (For 64 Over 8), Winner, Indie Film Loop 2016
  • Best Experimenal Feature (For Let Them Have Their Way), Winner, Buffalo International Film Festival 2016
  • Best Documentary (For Recovery documentary), Winner, Speak Here, First Film Festival 2015
  • Best Director (For Before Christmas), Winner, 48 Hour Film Fest NY
  • Audience Choice Award (For Before Christmas), Winner, 48 Hour Film Fest NY

Major Narrative Productions:

  • Friends to the End (2017): Human-Puppet surrealist drama film, following a middle aged under-achiever trying to turn his life around. Wrote and Directed.
  • Dead Men (2017): Neo-western thriller following a group of men stranded in the wilderness pursued by a man known only as the Hunter. Wrote and Directed.
  • ALPHA (2017): A Sci-fi martial arts short following three experimental test subjects pitted against one another in a fight for their lives. Wrote and Directed.
  • Shenandoah (2016): Dramatic war epic following the decisive battles of the Shenandoah valley during the american civil war. Wrote and Directed. 
  • 64 Over 8 (2016): A comedy TV pilot about the lives of an eccentric group of film/tv "extras" struggling to hit it big in the entertainment biz. Co-Created & Directed. 
  • Let Them Have Their Way (2016): An experimental feature following three couples struggling with the demands of modern life. Produced and 2Unit Directed.
  • Recovery (2015): A feature documentary profiling the life of Matthew Faulkner who suffered a traumatic brian injury and was declared brain dead. What ensued was what many considered to be a miracle recovery. Wrote, Produced, Directed. 

Major Commercial Productions:

  • Converse Generations: Commercial Series
  • Timbuk2: Commercial Spot
  • HP Engage 2016: Commercial Spot 
  • PGA Program: Nationally Broadcast Commercial Spot 
  • Mercy Flight: Broadcast PSA Series
  • Explore & More Childrens Museum: $10 Million Capital Campaign
  • Master Card - Master Your Movement: Commercial Series
  • Act on Climate: National News Spot

Music Videos:

Migos : Whats the Price - Action Design, 2nd Unit Director 


  • Friends to the End (2017) - [Short] Writer, Director
  • Dead Men (2017) - [Short] Writer, Director
  • Death's a B!tch (2017) - [Short] Director
  • ALPHA (2017) - [Short] Writer, Director
  • Maid to Order: Episode 2x02 (2017) - [Web Series] - Director 
  • Shenandoah (2016) - [Feature] Writer, Director 
  • Macgyver: Episode 1x08 Can Opener (2016) - [TV Series] Stunt Performer
  • Seperation Anxiety (2016) - [TBS Gameshow] Guest Performer 
  • 64 Over 8 (2016) - [TV Pilot] Co-Creator, Director 
  • FORCE (2016) - [TV Movie] Co-producer, Fight Director, Performer
  • Let Them Have Their Way (2016) - [Feature] Producer, 2nd Unit Director 
  • The Shadow Effect (2016) - [Feature] Stunt Performer, EPK Producer
  • The Originals: Episode 3x19 No More Heartbreaks (2016) - [TV Series] Stunt Performer
  • Epic Clan Battles (2016) - [Short] Stunt Performer
  • Just Might Be Okay (2016) - [Short Documentary] Camera Operator
  • Recovery (2015) - [Feature Documentary] Writer, Director, Producer
  • Blood & Steel: Episode 1x01 Act of War - [TV Series] Fight Coordinator, Stunt Performer
  • I Am Gamer (2015) - [Concept Trailer] Director, Producer
  • Garbage Men (2015) - [Feature] Asst. Fight Coordinator, Fight performer
  • Emelie (2015) - [Feature] 2nd 2nd Assistant Director 
  • The Grand Prince of Moscow (2015) - [TV Pilot] Performer
  • Before Christmas (2015) - [Short] Director, Writer, Co-producer
  • Vigilante (2015) - [Short] Asst. Fight Director, Lead Actor
  • Operator (2014) - [Feature] Camera Operator, EPK Producer
  • The Design (2014) - [Short] Asst. Fight Director, co-producer
  • The Blessing (2014) - [Short] Asst. Director, Co-Producer
  • Buffalo Boys (2013) - [Feature] Asst Camera
  • Brandonwood (2013) - [Feature] Co-producer 
  • The Dame - [Short] Writer, Director 
  • The Kiss - [Short] Writer, Director 
  • In the Outback - [Short Documentary] Writer, Director 
  • Comedian - [Short Documentary] Writer, Director 


Film Festivals

  • Buffalo International Film Festival - Let Them Have Their Way 
  • Chicago Blow Up Film Festival - Let Them Have Their Way 
  • Miami Widescreen Film Festival - Before Christmas 
  • Atlanta Independent Film Festival - 64 Over 8
  • Indie Film Loop Film Festival - 64 Over 8
  • Speak Here, First Film Festival - Recovery 
  • SUNY CIRCA Film Festival - Recovery 
  • Milledgeville International Film Festival - On Camera Combatives Pannel


East Coast

Contact: Yelena Hertzberg
P: (678) 962-7014


Atlanta Georgia 30301
United States