About Me

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Q: What is a profile tagline?

A: The line of text that appears below your name in your profile. For example, you can put "Director | Cinematographer" in this field. If you don't like the default color, you can change the color of both the name and tagline by choosing a font color from the pallette field. See the image below for an example:

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Q: What does this slider field do?

A: If you want to add a bit of flair to your MySHOOT profile, you can upload images to create a slider above your profile. (See example below.)

You can post your filmography in this field. If you're pasting from an external source, use the "past as plain text" option for best results. (See image below.)

Social Pages

Q:What are these link fields?

A: These are links which you can fill out if you have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages. Putting links in these fields will fill out the Social block on your profile page. (See image below.)

Q: What is this Add New Rep button?

A: This button allows you to add your reps if you have any. Once you fill out the fields to create your rep*, your rep's information will appear in the Representation section of your profile. (See image below.) *this is explained further in the MySHOOT FAQ. Links to the FAQs are under the Need Help? menu on your user content page.

Q: What is this RSS Feed field for?

B: This is a special feature which lets you display your personal RSS feed in your profile; it will appear in the My Latest News section. All you have to do is paste in the feed url. (See image below.)