Profiles & Work of Professional Motion Picture Production and Post Talent


Executive Producer

Keagan Karnes

Keagan is a born and raised New Mexican who has produced feature films and commercials for 10 years in the state. His love of the creative process makes him a sought after producer with his intimate knowledge of New Mexico from locations and the best crew. He also specializes in consulting on the New Mexico… Continue reading Keagan Karnes

Richard Farmer

Richard is a 20 year commercial director who relocated to New Mexico to be with family and founded Inspirado with Keagan Karnes. Richard's career started as an agency producer for the legendary Ground Zero in Los Angeles in the late 90's. He soon transitioned to full time directing when he formed HAPPY with partner Guy… Continue reading Richard Farmer

Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey has been immersed in the world of film and photography from a very young age, he brings a deep creative passion and progressive perspective to CASEY and all their projects.

Avtar Khalsa

Todd Ruhnau

Alex Brinkman

Avtar Khalsa

Amyliz Pera

Joey Waldrip