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Friday, Oct 28, 2016
The Best Work You May Never See: Noam Murro Breaks The Routine To Combat Domestic Violence
SHOOT Video-- Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks directed this short titled “Break the Routine” for the U.K.’s National Centre for Domestic Violence and independent charity Victim Support. Conceived by J. Walter Thompson, London, this powerful public service piece features a choregraphed enactment of domestic abuse. The violent dance finally comes to a halt, underscoring the need for those assaulted to seek out help. On average, high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for more than two years before... see video
Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
GameStop "G Force"
SPW Video-- GameStop is releasing two more commercials featuring their charming associate characters in awkward situational comedies, that illustrate how they bring Power to the Players every day. The campaign is part of an ongoing collaboration between Lucky Post Editor Marc Stone, agency The Richards Group, and director Danny Leiner. “Rat” is a cheeky homage to the organized crime inspiration of the recently released open-world action-adventure title, Mafia III. “G-Force” displays associates... see video
Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
2K Sports/WWE 2K17's "Welcome to Suplex City"
SHOOT Video-- This promo spot introduces us to a diffferent kind of downtown--in other words "Welcome to Suplex City," the videogame from 2K Sports.  Rocky Morton of MJZ directed for agency barrett SF, with Pixomondo serving as VFX/animation studio. see video
Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
Top Spot of the Week: Neill Blomkamp Directs BMW Film "The Escape"
SHOOT Video-- BMW Films presents “The Escape” exclusively on  From Academy Award-nominated director Neill Blomkamp (“District 9,” “Elysium”), the action-packed short film features original BMW Films star and Oscar-nominated actor Clive Owen (“Closer,” “Children of Men”) who reprises his role as The Driver, Dakota Fanning (“War of the Worlds,” “I am Sam”), Jon Bernthal (“The Punisher,” “Daredevil”) and Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga (“The Departed,” “Up in the Air”).  The all-new BMW 5 Series... see video
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
Adidas' "The Last Encore"
SHOOT Video-- Q Department scored this spot which shows the musical inspiration, spirit and soul behind the adidas NMD sneaker. Maxime Bruneel directed via 1stAveMachine for agency Johannes Leonardo. see video
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
"Captain America: Civil War" Main On End Titles
SPW Video-- Appearing immediately after the film's final scene fades to black, viewers see a debris-laden surface where the first titles appear – "Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo" – strongly lit from five angles with spotlights. In this initial frame, even the stones and other objects cast long, dramatic shadows. But in the subtlest of poignant design surprises, when the second title appears for screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, anyone paying attention will notice that the shadows... see video
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
"The Online Date" Trailer
SPW Video-- The Online Date (a short film) Keith, wakes up in an abandoned warehouse, then pieces together the previous night through flashbacks. Wooed by the song of the sirens, he finds his date who awkwardly reveals her secret. (7 min) Film Festival premier Friday November 4th Studio City Film Festival  ... see video
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
Traktor, Havas Propel "Airboat" For Dos Equis’ New “Most Interesting Man In The World”
SHOOT Video-- The Traktor collective from production house Rattling Stick directed this first full commercial of the new “Most Interesting Man In The World” for Dos Equis out of Havas Worldwide. Titled “Airboat,” the spot reveals more of the character’s mystique and depth following last month’s release of a teaser trailer which provided a glimpse of the captivating spokesman.  This time around, we see him engaged in such endeavors as racing airboats down sand dunes, and sparring in Samurai... see video
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
Director Mark Romanek, W+K "Come Out of Nowhere" For Nike
SHOOT Video-- This Nike Basketball campaign launch film, “Come Out of Nowhere,” celebrates LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers come-out-of-nowhere story which saw them win the NBA championship last season, typified by James’ pivotal chase-down “out of nowhere” block of a shot in the NBA Finals. We see varied examples over the years of the odds that were overcome to reach the NBA pinnacle--and the need to keep on trying despite all the naysayers we confront in everyday life. Mark Romanek of... see video
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016
Red Giant | Magic Bullet Suite 13
SPW Video-- Introducing Magic Bullet Suite 13 - Color correction, finishing and film looks for filmmakers. Learn more and download a FREE TRIAL at see video
Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016
"Ron and Laura Take Back America"
SPW Video-- Trailer for "Ron and Laura Take Back America" The political satire the Huffington Post called "The year's funniest political mockumentary,"  is coming to VOD across North America on Amazon Prime and iTunes one week before election day, November 1, 2016 via Undisclosed Location Films.  The award-winning comedy is directed by, written by, and stars Mel England and Janice Markham as proud, proactive Conservatives Ron and Laura Grawsill -  a quick-tempered man and his befuddled wife -... see video
Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016
The Best Work You May Never See: Tribal Worldwide Creates "Dogumentary" for IAMS
SHOOT Video-- This “dogumentary” shows Jody’s emotional story and special bond with his dog, Levi, as they help each other recuperate after being physically injured. Tribal Worldwide created this piece which is one of two “dogumentaries” for client IAMS dog food focusing on the relationship between a dog and its owner. Matthew Michaud of Big Nest Creative directed the pair of docushorts, the first pieces of content that IAMS has created purely for digital use on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram... see video
Monday, Oct 24, 2016
Harmony Korine Directs Under Armour's "Make That Old" For Droga5
SHOOT Video-- Under Armour and two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry kick off a new season, introduce a new shoe--the Curry 3--and remind the world that he still has everything left to prove. Droga5 New York launched a campaign that introduces the Curry 3; a centerpiece spot directed by Harmony Korine of MJZ tells the story of a reborn Curry who’s proud of his accomplishments but coming off last year’s disappointment in the NBA Finals. Now Curry is eager and motivated to write the next chapter in basketball... see video
Monday, Oct 24, 2016
YETI's "Chasing Light"
SPW Video-- YETI’s latest short film, part of an ongoing collaboration between Lucky Post and McGarrah Jessee’s production company Rabbit Foot, takes viewers into the great outdoors and into the life of Wyman Meinzer, a man whose path has been shaped by the majesty of the wild. The film was edited by Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan for YETI’s documentary series. Wyman Meinzer is the only official State Photographer of Texas. He was raised on a 27,000-acre ranch in the rolling plains of Texas. Since then, he... see video
Monday, Oct 24, 2016
Energy BBDO Promotes Hope In The Fight Against Gun Violence in Chicago
SHOOT Video-- Gun violence has made 2016 one of Chicago’s deadliest years. But one Chicago organization is promoting and giving cause for hope that things can and will get better: Off the Street Club (OTSC), which provides safety, education and encouragement to 3,000 children growing up in Chicago’s most violent neighborhood--West Garfield Park. In an effort to show Chicago, and the world, the unexpected stories of hope behind all of the violence, OTSC has just unveiled the first ever “Bullet Hole... see video
Friday, Oct 21, 2016
Diego Luna Directs "The Journey" For Jarritos
SHOOT Video-- Director Diego Luna, agency WALO and client Jarritos, the popular Mexican soft drink brand, joined forces to produce Jarritos’ The Journey, a short film which showcases the struggles and triumphs of immigrants living in the United States, while establishing Jarritos as a brand that celebrates the very diversity that makes its consumers and this country so great. “As a brand with firm roots in Mexico and completely embraced by the United States, we too are immigrants and we know the... see video
Friday, Oct 21, 2016
Director Sam Cadman, Arnold Worldwide Step Up To "The Water Bar"
SHOOT Video-- To cast light on current water quality issues across the country, PUR partnered with creative agency Arnold Worldwide to educate and empower consumers about the source of their water, the journey it takes to reach their faucets, and the potential contaminants it can pick up along the way. The initiative comes to life through “hidden camera” national TV spots, online films, social media content and an interactive experience — — where people can type in their home address and... see video
Thursday, Oct 20, 2016
The STUDIO Depicts, Offers Escape From The Dating Apocalypse
SHOOT Video-- Produced by the STUDIO, this animated short for the Hinge relationship app depicts the dystopian world of dating as a creepy carnival full of rides like “Catch-a-Catfish” and “Cycle of Loneliness.”  Then a door opens to another world of compatible people meeting one another, fueled by the Hinge relationship app. Soundtrack is driven by Heart’s classic 1985 ballad “What About Love?” A slogan appears on screen which reads “Escape the games. Find something real.” Ad agency behind... see video
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016
"High and Low" - Empire of the Sun - Director’s Cut
SPW Video-- ROOF Studio (ROOF) recently partnered with Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun on its music video for “High and Low,” a gorgeous, surreal visual journey into a psychedelic trip, which captures the song's euphoric celebration of the innocence and boldness of youth. see video
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016
Peter Atencio Directs Canary’s 1st TV Spot Out of CP+B Miami
SHOOT Video-- CP+B Miami just launched the first TV commercial for home security device Canary. Titled “While You Were Out,” the spot explores the irrational places our minds go when we’re away from home. Will someone break in? Is the pet okay? Is the babysitter paying attention? Canary keeps us connected so that we know what’s going on at the home front at all times. Produced by Gifted Youth, the spot was directed by Peter Atencio who won an Emmy for Key & Peele and directed the feature film... see video