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Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017
The Best Work You May Never See: McCann NY, Director Derek Cianfrance Show The Real Joy Of Winning NY Lottery
SHOOT Video-- Lottery advertising often gravitates to the luxury items money can buy--the so-called good life replete with upscale cars, homes, diamonds and other extravagances. But McCann NY took a different turn for the New York Lottery’s Cash4Life game--showing that good fortune in the lotto can free people to spend time doing what makes them truly happy. In this launch film directed by Derek Cianfrance of RadicalMedia, we meet a man who spends the time he won volunteering with rescue dogs.... see video
Monday, Jan 9, 2017
"Fences' Featurette: Director/Actor Denzel Washington
SHOOT Video-- In this featurette for the film "Fences" (Paramount Pictures), cast members delve into the talent and contributions of Denzel Washington as both actor and director. Directed by Washington, Fences is based on August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same title. It’s the first work of the late Wilson to be brought to the big screen. Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, Fences introduces us to Troy Maxson (portrayed by Washington), a sanitation worker who once... see video
Monday, Jan 9, 2017
Dhelet Y&R, Buenos Aires, Raises Decibel Awareness Over Effects of Fireworks On Dogs
SHOOT Video-- Argentinian agency Dhélet Y&R put people in a canine’s shoes, getting select folks to don a customized dog mask and walk about town. Unbeknownst to them, soon to be piped into the dog head mask were the sounds of a fireworks show as they would be heard through the ears of a pooch. The audio is unbearable and fear-inducing, raising awareness of the damage fireworks can wreak on dogs. Lujan Islas of production house Cronos directed this man/dog-in-the-street PSA--in which people... see video
Friday, Jan 6, 2017
The Best Work You May Never See: Mercedes-Benz's "The Encounter" From BBDO Paris
SHOOT Video-- A boy perched on his bicycle becomes fascinated with a Mercedes-Benz which is new to the neighborhood. He waits to watch it pull into the driveway of a home, receiving a nod of acknowledgment from the E Class Wagon’s driver. Later, the boy is then joined by other kids on bikes who patiently await to see the automobile again make its way to the house’s driveway. It turns out they are enamored with the vehicle’s technical innovation--which is finally revealed to us when its owner commands the... see video
Thursday, Jan 5, 2017
A Different Way of Thinking
SPW Video-- The McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University made a different kind of video for communicating the school's "whole-brain" approach to engineering.  The video has received international recognition from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). see video
Thursday, Jan 5, 2017
Ivan Zacharias Directs "Tennis Instructor" David Ortiz For TurboTax, W+K
SHOOT Video-- Retired baseball star David Ortiz has a new career, tennis instructor at a country club, in this spot for Intuit TurboTax. Ortiz has made a seamless transition to the tennis court, made simpler by the fact that he continues to exhibit a home run swing, blasting tennis balls all over the place, wreaking havoc with their impact. Via his smartphone, he connects with a TurboTax expert to get real-time, personalized answers to his tax-related questions, in this case a query as to whether... see video
Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017
Y&R Reimagines Famed 1976 Super Bowl Spot “Brother Dominic” For Xerox
SHOOT Video-- Y&R New York has unveiled for client Xerox a contemporary take on a beloved 1976 Super Bowl commercial, “Brother Dominic.” In that iconic ad, Brother Dominic turned to a Xerox copier to duplicate his meticulously hand written manuscript. Fast forward to the new commercial, and Xerox technology enables Brother Dominic to translate his manuscript into assorted languages, personalize and share it both physically and digitally across all devices--worldwide. James Rouse of The Corner... see video
Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017
Top Spot of the Week: Smuggler Director Miles Jay Takes Us On John Malkovich's "Journey" For Squarespace
SHOOT Video-- Website creator Squarespace kicks off the new year with a short film titled Journey for actor John Malkovich’s new fashion line. With the debut of www.JohnMalkovich,com, he diversifies from actor to fashion designer.  While Malkovich may be best known for his film work, he began his career in costume design. This new campaign explores the challenges Malkovich faces as he battles to break free from perceptions about him so that he can... see video
Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017
MJZ's Steve Ayson Directs "Crazy" Workout For Samsung, W+K
SHOOT Video-- This anthem spot for Samsung’s new fitness campaign shows us the inherent craziness of those obsessed with working out. Steve Ayson of MJZ directed the :60, titled “Working Out is Crazy,” for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Ore. see video
Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017
Ulf Johansson Directs Jolly Green Giant's "Snow Angel" for Deutsch 
SHOOT Video-- One of the most famous characters in advertising history is back in the spotlight after a long hiatus and he shares with us what he's learned while away. The Jolly Green Giant returns--with a new look--to introduce Green Giant’s new product innovations, including Veggie Tots, Riced Veggies, Mashed Cauliflower and Roasted Vegetables, and to show America how to swap more vegetables into a family diet and eat healthier. In this humorous “Snow  Angel” spot, Riced Veggies are unveiled. The... see video
Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017
Russell Athletic, Agency Barkley Pay Homage To High School Football Coach, Players
SHOOT Video-- In the latest installment of its #SettleYourScore campaign, Russell Athletic and its Kansas City, MO-based agency Barkley pay homage to high school senior football players and their coach in two separate spots. The latter captures team players reflecting on what their coach has meant to them--as a mentor who wasn’t just preparing them for Friday football but for life every day of the week. These reflections are in a "Dear Coach" letter voiced by New Palestine, Indiana high school... see video
Monday, Jan 2, 2017
Paramount Pictures FENCES "Denzel as Director" Featurette
SHOOT Video-- FENCES is directed by Denzel Washington from a screenplay by August Wilson, adapted from Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize – winning play. The film stars Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Jovan Adepo, Russell Hornsby, Mykelti Williamson and Saniyya Sidney. see video
Monday, Jan 2, 2017
NerdWallet's "Nothing Beats Knowing"
SPW Video-- In today’s tech-driven world there is a vast amount of information available to consumers, yet personal finance remains an overwhelming and complicated topic. Recognizing this, NerdWallet, a personal finance resource that helps consumers find the best credit card offers, insurance and other financial products, just launched its first-ever national campaign showcasing its intuitive, data-driven options. Created by ... see video
Monday, Jan 2, 2017
Pulse Director Nez, Hometown Cruise For Royal Caribbean
SHOOT Video-- Directed by Nez of Pulse Films for London agency Hometown, this TV commercial captures the true-to-life moments and destinations of a Royal Caribbean holiday, challenging perceptions that cruising is “one size fits all.” It features a mixture of both vibrant and tranquil moments and sounds, including crickets on the beach, church bells, a child’s laughter as well as the sound of a waterfall. The campaign looks to encapsulate the holiday sensation, transporting people back to their favorite... see video
Friday, Dec 30, 2016
Proximity Barcelona Introduces Us To "The Doll That Chose To Drive" For Audi Spain
SHOOT Video-- This animated 3D short film is the centerpiece of an initiative from Proximity Barcelona for client Audi Spain that’s designed to help combat gender stereotyping which separates girls in pink from boys in blue. Directed by Jordi Garcia via Barcelona-based animation studio Post23, the short introduces us to a doll in a toy store who breaks away from the pink side of the aisle to do what boys do--drive an Audi A8 automobile for the first time. The story is a metaphor for the gender... see video
Thursday, Dec 29, 2016
Top Spot of the Week: Vince Squibb Directs McDonald's "Lift" For Leo Burnett London
SHOOT Video-- In this spot directed by Vince Squibb of Gorgeous for Leo Burnett London, we see two acquaintances get stuck in an elevator (or “lift”) within a high-rise office building. They quickly become friends – sharing everything from shoes and music to sad memories and life stories.  But when their rescuers offer them some food, with a promise that it won’t be long before the lift is fixed, it turns out that McDonald’s Chicken Selects are just too good to share. Their friendship ends just as... see video
Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016
Brothers and Sisters, Partizan Take Us To Center Parcs' "Forest Playground" 
SHOOT Video-- Center Parcs is in the short break holiday business with five Villages across the U.K.; Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, Elveden Forest in Suffolk, Longleat Forest in Wiltshire, Whinfell Forest in Cumbria and Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. To show that these Villages with acres of forests are a great place for families to come together, London agency Brothers and Sisters created this TV ad celebrating the forest environment as an immersive playground.  Directed by Eric Lynne of... see video
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016
SPW Video-- Director Terry Rayment depicts the transformational power of love and happiness with his 35mm spot “Understanding.” Cinematographer Kate Arizmendi helps Rayment display the power of visual storytelling at its best, capturing all the emotions beautifully on KODAK VISION3 500T 5219. see video
Tuesday, Dec 27, 2016
The Best Work You May Never See: W+K Amsterdam, ISD Group Team On Earth7 Experience
SHOOT Video-- For decades, we have sent out rovers to explore distant planets in the solar system, places we couldn’t visit. But for most people, the real undiscovered planet is our own. To encourage people to explore the best planet we know, S7 Airlines, one of Russia’s biggest carriers, has created Earth7, a planetary rover destined for earth.  Earth7 was revealed in Moscow as part of an interactive experience, which combined cutting edge space technology with simple gesture control to enable... see video
Monday, Dec 26, 2016
180LA, House of Colors Team On UNICEF's "Unfairy Tales: The Next Chapter--Malak"
SHOOT Video-- Agency 180LA and animation studio House of Colors have teamed on two new global films that tell the stories of refugee children to support UNICEF’s commemoration of 70 years of work for children. The animated films--an extension of the award-winning Unfairy Tales series--are intended to help break down discrimination and encourage viewers to feel empathy for the millions of children across the world who are living as refugees.  Unfairy Tales: The Next Chapter--Mustafa and... see video