Profiles & Work of Professional Motion Picture Production and Post Talent

Clementine (Trailer)

Unity x Arksen

The Durian Project

Case Study – The Winter Blues

The Red Ribbon

Paco Cruz | Bad Barista

Hope ST

HOPE ST is the story of a young man about to alter the course of his life. As he contemplates going through with an armed robbery, he is haunted by repeating visions of what could go wrong. Color, 8mins. USA 2015 Premiered at OFFF '16 (Odense Intl. Film Festival)Winner 'Best US Live Action Film' at… Continue reading Hope ST

harvest “D U S T”

Blood Road “Trailer”

‘BrickWorks 360’ – VR 360 Video Journalism in Asia

'BrickWorks 360' is a VR 360 immersive video portraiture of a rural brick factory in Cambodia; the goal of the project is to depict the space, workers, and manufacturing process involved in the old fashioned milling, cutting, and firing of bricks on an industrial scale. Produced by Camerado Media |