Matt Pittroff

The ever eager problem-solver, director Matt Pittroff’s innate positivity and flexibility turn challenges into exhilarating comedic adventures. Matt deftly balances the slightly absurd with reality to create an undeniably accessible brand of humor. Once described as having “just the right amount of OCD,” the smallest details tangibly elevate Matt’s work to another level. His prowess for comedic timing, and emphasis on crafting a clear and unified vision have led to successful campaigns for Hilton Honors, Bank Of America, Firehouse Subs, McDonald’s, National Car Rental, and Ameristar Casinos to name a few. Matt has directed and produced work showcased in Creativity Online, AdWeek, SHOOT, and at Cannes, though his most noteworthy award to date is his coveted “World’s Greatest Director” mug, bestowed upon him by one of favorite clients. Legend has it he has dropped this mug several times, and yet it will not break!


art direction 


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Baltimore, MD
United States

Rafael Kent

Born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in Salvador Bahia, and living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, it all started with the sun for Rafael Kent. Warm weather and radiant rays of sunlight were routine and, as an ‘80s baby, his life was kick started with energy from the American pop world. He creatively mixed it with what he calls “Brazilian sauce” to create a recipe which guides his work today.

André Øvredal

After directing hundreds of commercials since 1998, André Øvredal transitioned into narrative feature films with his critically acclaimed film Trollhunter in 2010. Soon followed more cult hits like The Autopsy of Jane Doe, which author Stephen King included on his list of all-time favorite horror films along with classics such as Alien, Jaws, and Psycho. In 2019, André directed Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which was produced by Guillermo Del Toro and surpassed the $100 million mark at the box office.

Patrick Ortman (right) in New York City directing a thing

Patrick Ortman

Hey there! I'm an LA and NY-based director who mostly does live-action (actors and "real people") commercials and content. My genres are comedy and straightforward. I know VFX, too.

12 Fortune 500s and brands you know trust me to deliver great projects on budget and on time. I've directed for CapitalOne, BMW, MassMutual,, and MasterCard.

I've won more than 30 awards for my work, and I'm used to productions where there's multiple stakeholders and "do or die" deadlines.

I bring a strong, experienced vision to the work I do, and I am a very hands-on director with a background in all aspects of filmmaking. I know how to get what my clients need to make their projects a success, and most of my clients have not only hired me back again and again- they've become lifelong friends.




Los Angeles, CA
United States
Phone: 310 435-4815

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Simon Bross

Known for potentiating creative ideas with unparalleled execution, director and producer Simon Bross is one of the most award-winning directors in the history of Mexican and Latin American advertising.

Sophia Banks

Sophia is a fierce filmmaker and director. A sci-fi lover and inventor of new filmmaking techniques, she's been winning awards starting with her very first short film.