Daniele Anastasion

Daniele Anastasion is a documentary and commercial director.

She directed I AM YUP'IK for ESPN's 30 for 30 Shorts, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Her first feature, THE REDEMPTION OF GENERAL BUTT NAKED, received the Sundance award for Best Cinematography and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Called "an extraordinarily complex odyssey" by The LA Times, the film follows a former Liberian warlord who seeks forgiveness from his victims.

Daniele recently directed RUN MAMA RUN, about an elite runner trying to make the U.S. Olympic team while pregnant. It premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Documentary Series. 

Previous work includes writing and producing Oprah Winfrey's BELIEF and National Geographic's Emmy-nominated series HARD TIME. Most recently, she directed THE PRICE OF CERTAINTY, an Op-Doc for the NY Times that explores the psychology of political polarization. It premiered at the 2017 AFI Docs Film Festival.

Daniele splits her time between New York and Washington, DC, where she lives with her husband. 

Erik Anderson

Moving pictures are a universal language that can win hearts, change minds and ultimately, behavior. Compliment that mentality with visually arresting imagery and you’ve got a formula that best enables stories to evolve both authentically and honestly.

For his strong and singular body of commercial work, Erik has been honored with some of the most prestigious accolades, including awards from the Clios, Effies, Addys, YDAs and AICPs.

Today, Erik has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Firestone, Audi, Microsoft, Ford, Canon and Amazon in addition to that of multiple non-profit organizations. In short, Erik loves telling stories with heart and tackling meaty creative with courageous brands.

Erik’s style is marked by a fusion of arresting visuals with real world authenticity.

KN+SAW | Katrine Naleid + Stephen Austin Welch

KN+SAW | Katrine Naleid + Stephen Austin Welch

The lifestyle directing duo KN+SAW shoot families, kids, babies, toddlers, millennials and grown-ups! Katrine & Stephen have an adept understanding of the best way to film slice-of-life connection, people & food, retail & fashion, toys & education, healthcare & wellness and startup disruptors to engage the audience — a.k.a. inspired storytelling that gets clicks.

KN+SAW (Katrine Naleid and Stephen Austin Welch), a directing team specializing in lifestyle spots, compose fresh and whimsical imagery. “We create and capture inspirational, authentic lifestyle moments. Shooting real emotion is what we are all about.” Their trademark footage is filming connected moments and storytelling that has surprise and payoff.

KN+SAW are a directing duo, as well as still photographers, which means they shoot both broadcast and print campaigns. This motion and still combination keeps them active on sets around the globe. KN+SAW understand the craft and know the technicalities of lighting. They also possess a natural instinct for how to move the camera to allow the scene to evolve naturally.

Their vast array of 20+ years of experience in commercial advertising has earned them them prowess. “We are naturals at collaborating with fellow creatives; but we also excel at navigating tricky clients.” As directors they are very hands on and breathe life into their projects. “We have honed our techniques to get our actors to reveal core emotions that register real on the screen. We have an approachable down-to-earth way about us that allows us to problem solve by bringing people together. Being grounded helps us creatively make the best possible spots.”

Directing spots for Burger King as well as documentary shorts for clients like Fund For Teachers keeps them creatively engaged. Other standout projects include work for: Apple, AT&T, Chrysler, Coke, Corona, Kellogg’s, Hilton, Kraft, Levi’s, Tylenol, Target & Walmart.

On large projects, like the Huggies shoot where they filmed 120 babies and 9 actors playing parents, they handled the production with the same amount of grace and attention to detail as their smaller narrative documentary assignments.

Often, KN+SAW are hired to not only direct spots but also shoot the corresponding print campaign, as they did recently for Elmer’s. Equally versed in getting top notch performances out of kids and adults alike, their work has been featured in industry magazines such as Communication Arts, Lürzer's Archive, Photo District News, HOW and Print.

Both Katrine & Stephen have backgrounds growing up in wide-open-space before big-city-life. Katrine grew up in a small town in Idaho; Stephen outside St. Louis, in Illinois. In college Katrine discovered her passion for photography while attending business school, splitting her time equally between the darkroom and the many ski areas in Utah including Snowbird and Alta. Stephen studied fine art photography and independent filmmaking at the SMFA in Boston; then went on to attend film school at USC in LA.

After being in the industry for a couple years (Katrine in Salt Lake - Stephen in LA) each migrated to San Francisco, working their way up to the level of well-established advertising shooters. KN+SAW have been collaborating on shoots for the past 10+ years. “We started shooting personal projects together. That collaborative work rose to the top on our reels and in our portfolios. And just like that, a light bulb went on in our heads: by working together we are stronger “visual storytellers.”

From creative calls and throughout production, the client always gets their honest take on the boards as well as a clear vision of how Katrine & Stephen see it coming together. Let KN+SAW tell your story.

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quick links to KN+SAW’s directing reels:

broadcast & print = happy client: 

KN+SAW are a directing duo, as well as still photographers. They shoot both broadcast and print campaigns.
View Katrine Naleid’s still photography at & Stephen Austin Welch’s still photographic work at

recent press:

Lürzer’s Archive magazine interviewed KN+SAW about their insights on directing for broadcast spots vs. shooting stills for print campaigns. The write-up delves deep into their storytelling techniques. Read Full Circle: The Evolution of KN+SAW.

Photo District News magazine interviewed KN+SAW about how they combine shooting both broadcast & print campaigns. Read PDN’s article on us in THE MOTION & VIDEO ISSUE Combining Still and Video Productions: Striking A Balance | PDN’s candid chat with KN+SAW.

get in touch with KN+SAW:

KN+SAW are based on the west coast in San Francisco & shoot around the globe. As a directing duo, KN+SAW work freelance worldwide with a select handful of brilliant, good-natured, veteran Executive Producers at several of the most elite and agile Production Companies in the entire commercial film industry. Contact KN+SAW directly through their website:


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KN+SAW’s client list includes:

24 Hour Fitness
American Baby
Baby Bird Communications
Bed Bath and Beyond
Best Buy
Better Homes & Gardens
Burger King
BV Wines
Consumer Reports
Crochet Today
CVS Pharmacy
Delicious Living
Discovery Channel
Doner Advertising
Family Fun
First For Women
Food Arts
Fund For Teachers
General Mills
Genomic Health
Glitterhouse Records
Global Hue
Good Housekeeping
Hewitt Vineyard
Hidden Valley Ranch
Integer Group
John Muir Health
Johnson & Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
Kiwi Crate
Klutz Press
La Leche League
Ladies Home Journal
Leo Burnett
Los Angeles Magazine
Martin Agency
Northwest Airlines
Parade Magazine
Phonic Ear
Pitch Agency
PNC Bank
Porter Novelli
Proctor & Gamble
Random House
Research Means Hope
Running Press
Saatchi & Saatchi X
Santana Row
SC Johnson
Seton Medical Center
Tony’s Pizza
Town & Country
Turner Duckworth
UCSF Medical Center
United Way
Weldon Owen
Wells Fargo
Wine Spectator
Working Mother
Yoga Journal


San Francisco, CA
United States

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Stewart Cohen / SCPictures

Stewart Cohen

Canadian born Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen is known for his subtle yet effective fashion in which he directs people, and for the enthusiasm and energy he brings to all assignments. His visual approach is honest, resonant, authentic and cinematic. He moves seamlessly between large-scale productions and smaller intimate ones keeping his visual acuity sharp.

To date he has won countless top industry awards, has been profiled in Communication Arts Magazine, and selected by Adweek as Photographer of the Year.  A recent client commented, “He connects at a level I have rarely seen, we are lucky he has not moved on to do features”.

Being on the road is a normal day for Stewart, his projects have taken him to all seven continents including Antarctica. There are agencies who seek him out because of his experience working internationally. Being a client on assignment with him is always an adventure because you will always experience more than you’d expect.

Recently Stewart completed work on a biopic book featuring well-known and unusual people combined with their personal quotes expressing what makes them unique as individuals. The monograph is titled “Identity” and was published in 2010, with the first printing almost sold out. It has been warmly received by critics and has won numerous industry awards. He is currently working on his next book which has a working title of “Innocent Bystanders”.

Stewart says, “With cameras I get to explore places and meet people I’d never know. It’s the act of shooting that drives me. The more I see, the more I realize there is. So I’m always out there-watching for a moment. I just want the viewer to feel what I see.”


Photography, Motion, People, Travel, Storytelling and All Things Life.
Sharing - Awesome downtown Studio space available to rent for your shoot (Rooftop deck too)!


Stewart studied photography at UT/Austin, then went on to apprentice with Helmut Newton before completing the film program at USC.  He has been featured in professional publications such as Communication Arts, PDN, Adweek and the British Journal of Photography.  Stewart has shot on all seven continents for major commercial clients.


Dallas, TX
Phone: 214.421.2186
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Thomas Schauer

Thomas Schauer has established himself as one of the world’s leading culinary photographers, shooting extensive campaign work for over two decades between Vienna and New York.

Growing up in his native Austria, Thomas cultivated an artistic sensibility inspired by the European culture that surrounded him. His deep knowledge and passion for food led to work with Samsung, Nespresso, Uncle Ben’s, Wegmans, Papa John’s, Harper Collins, Fuji Film and Simon & Schuster.

Thomas’ work has been exhibited globally. His first solo exhibition “Pure Real Taste” took place at La Boite in New York City. That same year, he was invited to exhibit in Osaka, Japan.

Thomas has created over 20 cookbooks for celebrated chefs including Dominique Ansel, Daniel Boulud and David Bouley. Complementing his portfolio is the nomination for the 2013 Onaeba “Shimizu Award” in Osaka, Japan; the 2013 second place Pink Lady Award for “Best Food Photographer in the World,” in Wine; and the 2012 Gourmand Cookbook Award for Best Cocktail Book, “Cocktails.”

TASTE is the culinary platform of food photographer, director, and founder, Thomas Schauer. Thomas sees the world through photography and film accompanied by sound.

Thomas’ 20 signature cookbooks for globally renowned chefs showcase his passion. He captures the extraordinary creations of Dominique Ansel, Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, and many more. 

Along with Thomas, co-founder Tim Case came together to launch TASTE. They bring extensive experience from the tabletop industry. “We’re so thankful to have partnered with each other at this pivotal point”, said Tim. “Our collective goals at TASTE are driven by art and beauty. Together I trust that the two of us can capture the defining stories of food, beverage, and objects. I have unqualified confidence that Thomas will be among the elite tabletop directors within no time.” 

 “If we want to make luxurious culinary film accessible nationwide and take food visualization to a whole other level, our clients’ successes should be ours too. That way, everyone wins.” – Thomas Schauer



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Territory: US west
Contact: Becky Jungmann
P: 323 419 0716
David Wagner & Associates
Territory: US central
Contact: David Wagner
P: 312 222 0331
Territory: US east
Contact: Jared Shapiro
P: 646 723 1406


New York, NY
Phone: 6465412906
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Randall Ford

Randal Ford’s amazing still photography style translates so naturally to motion. As a photographer Randal has always told stories. As a director he now has so many ways to communicate. “I really enjoy adding layers to a story. Camera movement and a soundtrack give me so much more to work with. Collaborating with talent to tell a story in still photography is fulfilling, but live action takes it to a whole new level.”  Randal’s work has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, 20 Texas Monthly covers, and the cover of Communication Arts. Some of the agencies he has collaborated with include BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, The Martin Agency, Karsh Hagan, McGarrah-Jessee, and Wieden+Kennedy.  Randal manages to merge the emotional impact that’s a hallmark of exceptional print photography with the sense of ‘being there’ that live action brings. 

Jeremy Bartel

Jeremy Bartel always wanted to be a director. From the age of nine he was prolifically shooting comedies, dramas, and horror shorts. As a teenager he began concepting and shooting TV spots for local businesses. His interest in all aspects of filmmaking continues to lead him in fresh new directions.  As a director, Jeremy focuses on performance. He’s great with talent, whether professional actors or amateurs. He’s an actor’s director and a master of comic subtlety. Comedy requires a deft touch. Most directors tend to go too big, or too subtle where nuance can be lost. Jeremy always strikes the perfect balance.  His work speaks for itself. He has directed commercials for Dr Pepper, Chick-fil-A, Interstate Batteries, Captain D’s, Capital One, 7-Eleven, Colorado Lottery, and Taco Cabana in collaboration with The Richards Group, Firehouse, TM, Tracy Locke, Cactus, Publicis-Hawkeye, and Commerce House among others.


Ben Garrett Director Equilateral Films

Ben Bryan Garrett

Ben is an image creator like no other. He got his start in still photography creating unique editorial stories for brands and magazines. Over the past few years he has translated those images into motion becoming an essential modern director. In his spare time, you'll find him surfing off Oahu's North Shore.


Seaminx Artist Management
Territory: USA
Contact: Aubrey Mayo
P: 212 979 7300


Dallas, TX
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Richard Krall Director Equilateral Films

Richard Outlaw Krall

Richard's dream was to become a drummer. Rock, jazz, studio performer, didn't matter, he was obsessed with drums, but not quite as much as creating beautiful images. Richard is a master of vision and light’s relationship with the camera.  He’s deeeeeeeeeeeeep! Life takes Richard on many adventures, from living in Paris working with Guy Bourdin to hanging with Andy Warhol on the streets of NYC, and he has a plethora of stories. He’s always ready for his next adventure.


Branded Content Creation


Dallas, TX
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Roger Peters Director Equilateral Films

Roger Alexander Peters

Movies are like vitamins, Roger takes one a day. He came to know visual story telling in the most classic sense, studying painting, drawing & photography in Texas. Now he paints with light and tells stories through cinema, the most universal art form in his mind. From Socrates to modern physics, philosophy and science are his secret loves.


Food & Table Top
Branded Content Creation


Dallas, TX
Phone: 972 215 6246
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