Josh Ausley DP

Josh Ausley

Joshua Ausley is an ICG Local 600 Director of Photography and award-winning cinematographer making films around the globe. He started out in front of the camera as talent while living in Japan, achieving fluency in the Japanese language. Now as a member of the International Cinematographer's Guild, Josh produces television commercials, documentaries, films, music videos, and branded content videos. He has worked with Vanity Fair, Instagram, ESPN, American Airlines, the NBA, Porsche, National Geographic, Discovery, Food Network, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Ashley Furniture and many more. He has traveled to over 25 countries and shot in Europe, Japan, India, Nepal, Canada and the Caribbean. Josh is also a PADI and SSI Advanced SCUBA diver with experience filming underwater in both controlled and open-water environments.


Underwater Cinematography
Shot List
Alexa Mini, Red, Sony F55 Experiences


Phone: 336-214-1724
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Scott McCullough is an independent (unaffiliated) award-winning director/DP and editor with powerful, inspired and kinetic intuition.  He has garnered many prestigious national and international awards during his career with Fortune 500 clientele on hundreds of commercial spots and branded content pieces. McCullough brings focused, nuanced directing crucial to powerful storytelling.

Hundreds of high-end productions to his directing credit, McCullough’s experience thrives. Target contracted McCullough launching his commercial career and he continues to work with Fortune 500 clients; Kubota, Pepsi, Ford, NASCAR, GM, Polaris, Jeep, Kumho Tires, Coors and Budweiser to name only a few. Other work the first-ever 70 mm NASCAR’s Thunder Dome 100% for RJ Reynolds, which was considered the world’s largest mobile theater. He has worked with most of the world’s top NASCAR drivers, including the legendary Paul Newman, Danica Patrick, Richard Petty, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt, and Jeff Gordon - among others.

McCullough was discovered by rock icon Prince, who valued the precise shooting style founded on music and continued for several years on projects like Sexy MF, Get Off, and Diamonds and Pearls home music videos. Honored with 8 RIAA Gold music video certifications. Currently, Scott has many high-profile projects in development for film and television.

According to director McCullough, a director's diverse skill-set is composed of experience, creativity, intuition, on-set demeanor with strong vision.  An experienced director understands the politics and nuances of a successful working relationship with a studio, cast, crew, and production departments – essential to delivering a studio-caliber film. As a hands-on director with extensive cinematography and editorial experience, McCullough’s technical background complements his creative vision.

There is an intuitive energy that comprises the fabric of the filmmaker's success in their persona and process.  There must exist a deep pool of respect, integrity and creativity to amass all of the critical elements to make a great film.  McCullough innately knows story, character and techniques for all of the film’s components to properly coalesce.

Please visit for more information.

VARIOUS AWARDS:  2017 CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best PSA – 2017 Poland International Film Festival Official Selection -  2017 International Independent Film Festival Diamond Award - 2017 Silver ADDY award, regional selection PSA - 2017 Tapas Festival Winner Best Short - 2017 Telly Silver Winner, 2016 First Glance Film Festival (winner/best trailer), Philadelphia - 2016 Best Shorts Festival Official Selection - 2016 Accolade International Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Short Stop International Film Festival - 2016 London Short Stop Film Festival - 2016 HRIFF (best trailer) - 2016 Hollywood Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Access Code Film Festival - 2015 EuroFest Selection - 2015 Fade In - Awards (finalist) - 6 Addy’s Awards - HAA Best of Show - HAA Gold - CANNES Film Festival Finalist (commercials) - The New York Festivals: Gold World Medal - 8 RIAA Gold videos for Prince - Bronze World Medal - 22-time TELLY Advertising Awards - Golden Cine Award - EFFIE Award - 2-time Summit Gold Award - 2000 Vision Award - Sonoma Valley Film Festival - Method Fest Film Festival; Finalist - Orinda Film Festival Finalist - Indie Producer Film Festival finalist - International Cinema and Technology World Tour - Festival International De Biarritz 2003 Jury Award - La Réalisation Integral Best Director - Circe de Ciurto (Italy) Best Short - 3-time AURORA winner - Platinum/Best of Show - The New York Festivals - 2 time Silver Medals - The New York Festivals - Bronze Medal - 3-time CINDI gold awards - Intercom Awards: Silver Plaque - National ITVA: Bronze/Gold/Silver  - US Int’l Film Festival: 2 Creative Excellence awards - ADWEEK Top Spots: 1998/1994 - AXIEM: Best of Show - ITVA 3-time winner - 16-time MN Video Awards - MN Video Awards 3-time Director of the Year - and more.

Scott currently works as an independent director/dp on a non-exclusive basis. To learn more visit Scott's website or use the secure contact form below to request more information.



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Highlights of awards include 2015 Addy, 2015 Telly EEH Directing, 2014 Addy/Pepsi, 2014 Telly/Pepsi, 2014 Telly Trailer/Exorcism, 22 timer Telly winner, Cannes International Advertising Festival Finalist, The New York Festivals: Gold World Medal, Adweek Top Spots: 1998/1994, 3-time ADDY winner, Axiem: Best of Show, 3-time ITVA, three-time "Director of the Year", Golden Cine Award, Effie Award, 2001 Summit Gold Award, 2000 Vision Award, Sonoma Valley Film Festival, Method Fest Film Festival; Finalist, Orinda Film Festival, 3-time Aroura winner: Platinum/Best of Show, The New York Festivals: 2-time Silver Medals/Bronze Medal, 3-time Cindi gold awards, Intercom Awards: Silver Plaque, National ITVA: Bronze/Gold/Silver, US International Film Festival: 2 Certificates of Creative Excellence and more.
Over two decades years of experience on award-winning projects with national and international clients/advertising agencies. Originally educated in architecture, art and design, the pragmatic, kinetic and engaging Director/DP has a prolific foundation of writing, cinematography and editing that drives this successful career with an excellent reputation, leadership, integrity, professionalism and honesty.
McCullough collaborated at the highest levels of production with agencies and clients through the utmost commitment to the story, casting and scene structure possible. Determination to attain the best creative outcome at every budget is always the outcome. A smart, enjoyable and prolific production is imperative for engaging stylistic results that fuels memorable performances in remarkable settings.
  • Advertising Federation of America ADDY Award – Pepsi "Countdown to Now" 
  • CANNES International Awards – Finalist, International Campaign 
  • TELLY awards (21-time winner) – Film Trailer, Music Video, Commercial, Editing
  • Houston Film Festival – Remi Award short film "Curious" 
  • Method Fest – Finalist short film “Audition” 
  • Orinda International Film Festival – Best Actress, Finalist Short Film "Audition" 
  • New York International Film Festival – Finalist "Innocent" 
  • USA International Film Festival – Best long form film "Polaris 
  • International Television and Video Association – Award of Excellence 
  • Axiem Awards – National Finalist Silver Award 
  • Festival International De Biarritz – La Meilleure Actrice -Best Actress 
  • Festival International De Biarritz – La Realisation Integral (Jury Prize) 
  • US International Film and Video Festival – Outstanding International Award - Creative Excellence 
  • EFFIE Worldwide Awards – Political/TV Bronze 
  • Summit International Awards – Creative Excellence, Gold Award for Creative Excellence 
  • Citation Awards – Regional/National Citation 
  • Indie Producer Film Festival – Finalist - Short film 
  • Circe de Ciurito (Italy) – Best Short Film 
  • Cindi Awards (3-time winner) – Gold Award 
  • Aurora Awards (3-time winner) – Platinum, Best of Show, Finalist 
  • Intercom Awards – Silver Plaque 
  • International Cinema and Technology Tour – Featured Work 
  • Minnesota Music Video Awards (16-time winner) Including 
  • Minnesota Music Video Awards - 3-time "Director of the Year" 
  • RIAA Gold Certificate Awards (8-time) – Prince Music Video Sales over $1MM 



2017 The Decks
2016 26 Floors 
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings
2016 Detours: The Film
2015 Zia (Actor showcase)
2014 The Exorcism Diaries (Short)
2008 Three Days (Episodic pilot)
2007 Curious (Short)
2004 Audition (Short)
2001 God's Helper (Short)
2001 Innocent (Episodic pilot)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short)

1993 Prince Sexy MF (music video long-form - secongd unit director, director of photography, camera operator)
1992 Prince Unauthorized (Video documentary-segment director)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (videos "Call The Law", "Strollin', "The Maxx" - second unit, concert footage, interviews and more)

1991 Prince: Gett Off (Longform music video - director and DP for most videos)

Second Unit Director
2008 One-Eyed Monster
1992 Prince: Sexy MF (Video short)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (second unit director and additional segment DP)
1987 Sign 'o' the Times (second second assistant director)

Zia (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2009 The Third Heaven (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short) (as Scott McCullough)
1992 Sexy MF (Video short) (as Scott McCullough)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (as Scott McCullough)
1991 Gett Off (Video) (as Scott McCullough)

Zia (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2014 The Exorcism Diaries (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2004/I Audition (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2001 God's Helper (Short) (as Scott McCullough)

26 Floors
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings
2014 The Exorcism Diaries
2008 Three Days

26 Floors (story by)
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings (story by)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short) (all scripts)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (story treatment "Insatiable"
2001 Innocent
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short)

Chris Cummings “That’ll Teach Her”
Prince “Sexy M.F..”
Prince “Gett Off... Violet The Organ Grinder”
Carmen Electra “Tasty”
Prince “Gett Off... Houstyle”
Prince “Clockin’ The Jizz”
Prince “Live in London”
Prince “Money Don't Matter Tonight
Prince “Willing and Able”
Prince “The Continental”
Prince “Strollin"
Prince “Call The Law”
Prince “Gett Off-Gangster Glam”
Prince “Daddy Pop”
Eric Leeds “Little Rock”
Prince “BBC Documentary”   
Prince “My Name Is Prince”
Prince “Damn U”
Mavis Staples “The Voice”
Prince Europe Tour Rehearsal films ‘91, ‘92, ‘93 
George Clinton “We Can Funk”
Trip Shakespear (AKA Semi-Sonic) “Pearl”
The Time with Prince “We Can Funk”
Prince “Can’t Stop This Felling I Got”
Prince Live in London “Nothing Compares 2 U”
Tevin Campbell “Round and Round”
The Time “Release It”
The Time “Shake”
Ingrid Chavez and Prince “Mystery of U”
Prince “The New Power Generation”
Prince “Elephants and Flowers”
Prince “Live at Glam Slam-concert film”
Prince “Diamonds and Pearls”
And many others.

Film Festival History

Houston Film Festival – Remi Award short film "Curious"

Method Fest – Finalist short film “Audition”

Orinda International Film Festival – Best Actress, Finalist Short Film "Audition"

New York International Film Festival – Finalist "Innocent"

USA International Film Festival – Best long form film "Polaris"

Festival International De Biarritz – La Meilleure Actrice -Best Actress

Festival International De Biarritz – La Realisation Integral (Jury Prize)

US International Film and Video Festival – Outstanding International Award - Creative Excellence

Indie Producer Film Festival – Finalist - Short film Circe de Ciurito (Italy) – Best Short Film

International Cinema and Technology Tour – Featured Work


Self-Represented Independent Contractor
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Territory: United States, Canada
Contact: Scott McCullough
P: 310-437-3518
European Talent Management
Commercials, Motion Pictures and Film, Music Videos, Television
Territory: Eastern Europe
Contact: Nick Seward
P: +420 724 258 414
Commercials, Motion Pictures and Film, Music Videos, Television
Territory: United Kingdom
Contact: Ged Cleugh
P: 0203 096 2866


Los Angeles, CA
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United States

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Cinematographer, Director

Jimmy Matlosz

A Cinematographer who also happens to Direct, Jimmy seeks honesty, and integrity!  Jimmy came from a grass roots background, the school of hard knocks, where hard work pays off and you feel the grit of the earth between your teeth.  He is real, no BS, with depth and substance, and his cinematography reflects his need for making the outrageous, accessible.

He once had a summer job picking corn, another cutting lawns and yet another pumping gas.  He has renovated two houses and he still works on his own truck.  He likes riding and fixing his bicycle and getting his hands dirty.  He runs, he rides mountain bikes, road bikes (Fireflies West) and races against his son in cyclocross (his son usually wins), he loves snowboarding and cooking as well. He has created a few of his own recipes including gringo guacamole which is amazing, and his semi-healthy pancakes too!  If you are lucky you might get a bottle of his custom Petal Pepper.  

Jimmy has been regularly writing articles for ICG and HDvideoPro over the years, as well as being a contributor to the VES Handbook of Visual Effects (Section on High Speed Cinematography). Below are some of Jimmy's most recent writings for HDvideoPro: Maxing Out With The ALEXA Mini | "Cinema Quality Handheld Design" | At A Glance: A Real Lighting Game Changer | Leica SL | Wireless Lens Control, ARRI Style | Hawk V-Lite Vintage ’74 Anamorphics | 4K Super 35 Varicam LT | Keeping The Balance

Jimmy is a collaborator: a filmmaker, a storyteller, and a cinematographer. He loves shooting COMEDY, DRAMA and especially SPORTS spots.   He has the interesting distinction, of shooting stop motion, high speed and IMAX, but his heart is in live action.  He has a hunger to understand and grasp all aspects of film making to make the process easier so the creativity can rise to greater heights.  A rare bird indeed, with a unique classification, unparalleled perhaps, but humble to the core.


Sports, Comedy, Live action, High Speed, VFX, Tabletop, Virtual Reality
Camera Operator
Fine Art Photography
Panoramic Photography
Writer ( HDvideoPro)


2 Cinematography awards for Oedipus, Emerging Cinematographer Award, Sundance premier.   

25 years Camera Department:  Highlights:  Tim Burtons the Nightmare before X mas, IMAX: Alaska, Michael Jordan to the Max.  Features:  Kundun, Batman and Robin, Star ShipTropopers.

Working Cinematographer since 2003:  Hundreds of Commericals, a few music videos, first ever IMAX student film: The Princess and the Pea.  Who Killed The Electric car, Better Living Through Circuitry, I am trying to Break your Heart.  


Princess and the Pea ( IMAX), Manatee the Forgotten Mermaid (IMAX), Better Living Through Circuitry, Who Killed The Electric Car, I am Trying to Break Your Heart, Fragile, The Deadline, The Wrecking Crew, The Holy Canoli,  The Online Date (2016).

Film Festival History


The Online Date: Studio City Film Festival, Culver City Film Festival, Fylde Showcase, Westercon Film Festival.

Oedipus:  Sundance Premier,  Emerging Cinematographers Awards.  Many many More.  

Better Living Through Circuitry, Sundance and many more.  

Who Killed the Electric Car:  Sundance Premier.



The Directors Network

Contact: Jeff Lewis, Rae Lucas
P: 818-906-0006


Venice, CA
Phone: 8182612824
United States

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Ky Dickens

Ky Dickens

Award winning filmmaker Ky Dickens is best known for her highly acclaimed documentary work, her emotionally compelling commercial reel and her endless list of questions. Did the Archaeopteryx sound like a bird, a chicken or a crocodile?

Ky directed the highly acclaimed documentary Sole Survivor, which profiles four survivors of otherwise fatal plane crashes. Sole Survivor was acquired by CNN Films for broadcast and theatrical release. It premiered on the network in January, 2014 and was second most watched film on the CNN network, after Blackfish. Sole Survivor was named the “Best Feature Film” at the 2013 BMA Awards. Ky’s 2009 feature documentary, Fish out of Water, won four juror prizes and secured international distribution by Netflix & First Run Features. The film has been hailed as a “tool for reconciliation between the church and LGBTQ community” and was inducted into the United States Library of Congress in 2011 for its instrumental role in changing the national perspective on LGBTQ human rights. In October of 2013, Ky received the Focus Award for “Achievement in Directing” from Women in Film. Ky is currently in post-production on her much-anticipated film, Zero Weeks (2017), about America’s paid leave crisis. Ky premiered the Zero Weeks trailer at the White House Summit on the United State of Women, hosted by Oprah and Michelle Obama. Ky’s other film in post production, The city that Sold America (2107), is about Chicago’s crucial, yet often-overlooked place in American consumer culture. The film is a sequel to Emmy-award winning Art & Copy.


Chicago, IL
United States

Brad Rushing

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Brad cultivated a love and aptitude for art and science from a very early age.  Majoring in fine art at Houston's prestigious High School For The Performing And Visual Arts and into college he eventually added filmmaking for a double major and upon completing his education, shifted his focus to filmmaking full time. 

Roger Corman's Concorde/New Horizons film studio afforded Brad some of his first feature film opportunities as Director of Photography where he learned valuable skills for innovation and economy and made fast friendships with with many people who have gone on to become influential filmmakers.

Soon Brad found himself in the world of high end music videos photographing award-winning, iconic clips for artists like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Nelly and Eminem.  Brad's ground-breaking work on Moby's "We Are All Made Of Stars" won an MTV Video Music Award "Moonman" for Best Cinematography in a Video, and many of the other music videos he shot have won awards such as VMAs, MVPAs and Grammys for Best Video.  Brad also won a Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for Best Cinematography in a Video for the Alsou video "Always On My Mind."

Recently Brad has focused his attention on commercial cinematography.  His work includes a NASCAR Superbowl spot, notable high-profile national and international campaigns, branded-content and promo work.

Brad was the cinematographer for the Jay Roach-directed "Dustin Hoffman - Master Class" acting workshop, his second collaboration with director Roach.

Brad continues to photograph indie feature films including "Cook County" which won Best Feature at the Hollywood Film Festival and the Audience Award at SXSW.  Brad was cinematographer on the Warner Brothers/Wonderland/Bandito Brothers web series "Aim High 2" starring "Twilight"'s Jackson Rathbone, Aimee Teegarden and Beverly DeAngelo, which was directed by Academy Award-winning short director Ari Sandel.

Brad's body of work features a tremendous amount of experience with visual effects and he is a full member of the Visual Effects Society.

Brad Rushing is known among his peers for being well prepared, organized, fast and always friendly and cheerful.

His commercial brands include: ABC, Aguila, Belkin, Blue Diamond Almonds, British Telecom, Comcast, Coors, Cricket, Disney, Fandango, Fox Sports, Fruco, Fuel TV, Geico, Glad, GSN, Hallmark, Heineken,, Macys, McDonalds, Miller,, National Geographic, NFL, NASA, Nascar, Pepsi, PlayStation, Pop Tarts, Sketchers, ROKA Sports, SC Johnson, Schweppes, Sebastian, TBS, TLC, TV Guide, Velocity, Veria Network, Vodafone, WeTV

Brad is a:

  • U.S. and Canadian dual citizen
  • Full Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers
  • Member of the Visual Effects Society
  • Lifetime Member of the Digital Cinema Society


Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Visual Effects
Table Top

My Latest News


  • THE SUMMERLAD "City Of Noise": Best Cinematography nomination - 2009 CSC Awards
  • ALSOU "Always On My Mind": Best Cinematography in a Music Video - 2005 CSC Awards
  • CHANTAL KREVIAZUK "Time": Best Cinematography nomination - 2003 Much Music Awards
  • CHANTAL KREVIAZUK "Time": MMVA Nomination, Much More Music Award
  • MOBY "We Are All Made Of Stars": Best Cinematography - 2002 MTV Video Music Awards
  • EMINEM "Without Me": Video Of The Year - 2002 MTV Video Music Awards
  • MOBY "We Are All Made of Stars":  Best Cinematography nomination - 2002 MVPA Awards
  • ALSOU “Always On My Mind” CSC Award, Best Cinematography in a Music Video
  • THE SUMMERLAND “City of Noise” CSC Nomination, Best Cinematography in a Music Video


Commercial Credits: ASUS: Grandma On Watch, ASUS: Rocking Grandma, ASUS: Watching The Game, GSNTV: Skin Wars promo; CW: "Ask Alba" PSA; Fandango: Dating Rules; TLC: Pledge; Blue Diamond Almonds: Add A Little; Hallmark Channel: Cedar Cove; Aguila:100 Years; Geico: Treasure Chest; Roka: Teaser; Belkin: Family Master; Blue Diamond Almonds: Perfectly Paired; TLC: Glade Yes; TLC: Windex Passionate; TLC: Scrubbing Bubbles; TLC: Glade Moving; Animal Planet: Glade Little Things; Animal Planet: Off, Destination America: Off; Veria: Toss Up; Veria: Healing; Veria; Yoga; We TV: Shannen Says promos; CBS: New Adventures Of Old Christine promos; Fuel TV: Excite Bike TV Guide: Curb Your Enthusiasm promo; Schweppes: Nota; Schweppes: Gangster; Glad: Wild Life; Veria: Tea; Greg; Sebastian: My Party; Perfect Getaway; TBS: Boost Mobile; Alexis; Fruco: Casera (Home Style); TBS: Earth To America; Busted; Ray Ban: 24 Hour Flu; Skechers: D'Lites - All Styles; X-Time: Dardo; Activision: Doctor's Office; FX: Black / White promo; St. Martin's Press: Acheron;  Fox: Judge Alex promo; Sebastian: Aurical Angel; TBS Comedy Fest: Susie Essman; TBS Comedy Fest: Triumph; ; TBS Comedy Fest: George Lopez; ; TBS Comedy Fest: Dane Cook; Bravo: Rachel Zoe Project promo; Hallmark Channel: The Note promo; TV Guide: Watercooler promo; Pepsi Light: Pinocchio; FPL: Residential; FPL: Lamp; McDonald's: Dreams; Macy's Christmas; NASCAR: Cyborg; TBS: Pauly Shore "Minding The Store" promo; ABC: Aisha Tyler; Macy's: Back To School; Sony: Playstation 2 "GT4"; NASCAR: Knights; NASCAR; Sea Raiders (Superbowl spot); NFL: Playbook; TBS: New Gilligan's Island promo; NASCAR: Rear Ended; British Telecom: Network; Coors: Jesse James; TV Guide: Joan & Melissa Rivers "Butt Work", Discovery: Ambush Makeover promo; HBO: Roy Jones, Jr.; Vodafone: SFR Milla Jovovich 1; Vodafone: SFR Milla Jovovich 2; The Vintage Exchange: Old Man; The Vintage Exchange: Old Lady; Miller Genuine Draft: East L.A.; Coors: Two Girls; NASCAR: Tailspin; NASCAR: Blown Engine; Pop Tarts: Hydraulic Tart
Narrative Credits: 2017 Doolittle's Heroes (Feature) |  2016 For The Record (Short) |  2016 Planet (Short) |  2016 People Magazine Investigates [Recreations] (Series) |  2016 Radius (Short) |  2016 [In]visible (Short) |  2016 Beautiful Dead Things (Short) |  2014 Pony (Short) |  2014 The Hands of Time (Short)   |  2013 Aim High (Series) (10 episodes)  |  2012 Divorce Invitation (Feature) |  2011 How Nikola Tesla Popped My Cherry (Short)  |  2010 NASA: Exploration Space - Explorers Wanted (Short)  |  2009 Cook County (Feature) |  2008 Heineken Experience: Born in Amsterdam (Short)  |  2008 Heineken Experience: Brew You (Short)  |  2007 Love and Mary (Feature)  |  2001 Flying Virus (Feature) |  2001 Tomorrow by Midnight (Feature) |  2001 Stitches (Feature)  |  1998 Men in White (TV Movie) |  1998 Shrieker (Feature) 
Music Video Credits:  Cash Cash feat. Sofia Reyes 'How To Love' (2016) Director: Roboshobo | Plain White T's 'Pause' (2015) Director: Mike Venezia |  Placebo 'Begin the End' (2014) Director: Piper Ferguson |  Ryan W 'Hardcore' (2014) Director: Tara Alexis  |  Chris Wallace 'Keep Me Crazy' (2013) Director: Justin Baldoni  |  Delerium feat. Stef Lang 'Chrysalis Heart' (2013) Director: Jose Ho-Guanipa |  The Mowgli's 'San Francisco' (2013) Director: Justin Baldoni  |  Sarah Brightman 'One Day Like This' (2013) Director: Rob Boocheck  |  Romeo Santos 'Tu Rival' (2012) Director: Rob Garcia  |  Jodie Connor 'Take You There' (2012) Director: Rock Jacobs  |  Supafly (3) 'Happiness' (2012) Director: Rock Jacobs  |  Kevin McCall 'Guess Who' (2011) Director: Edward Tran  |  Sefyu 'Turbo' (2011) Director: Nathalie Canguilhem |  Lifehouse 'Whatever It Takes' (2011) Director: Frank Borin  |  Kevin McCall 'F#ck You, Pay Me' (2011) Director: Edward Tran |  Nipsey Hussle 'Feelin' Myself' (2010) Director: Marc Klasfeld   |  Lolene 'Rich' (2010) Director: Justin Harder  |  3OH!3 'Starstrukk' (2009) Director: Steve Jocz  |  La Quinta Estacion 'Recuerdame' (2009) Director: Simon Brand  |  The Classic Crime 'Abracadaver' (2009) Director: Dan Dobi |  Kate Voegele 'Only Fooling Myself' (2009) Director: Phil Griffin | Warren G feat. Ice Cube, B Real & Snoop Dogg 'Get You Down'  (2009) Director: Kevin Hunteri | The Summerlad 'City Of Noise' (2008) Director: Mitch Barany  |  Brutha 'I Can't Hear The Music' (2008) Director: Jessy Terrero   |  Spoiled (2005) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Katrina Elam 'No End In Sight' (2005) Director: Peter Zavadil   |  Rob Thomas 'Lonely No More' (2005) Director: Joseph Kahn   |  Britney Spears 'Toxic' (2004) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Ashlee Simpson 'La La' (2004) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  JC Chasez 'All Day Long I Dream About Sex' (2004) Director: Todd Kellstein  |  Alsou 'Always On My Mind' (2004) Director: Joseph Kahn   |  Simply Red 'Home' (2004) Director: Hayley Cloake  |  Blink-182 'Always' (2004) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Mariah Carey 'Boy (I Need You)' (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn |  Bowling For Soup 'Punk Rock 101' (2003)   |  DMX 'X Gon' Give It To Ya' (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn  |   Nelly feat. Justin Timberlake 'Work It' (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn | Busta Rhymes 'Light Your Ass On Fire' (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Lionel Richie 'To Love A Woman' (2003) Director: Simon Brand  |  Dido 'White Flag' (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  TLC 'Damaged' Damaged (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Daniel Bedingfield 'If You're Not The One' (2003) Director: Hayley Cloake  |  Holly Valance 'State Of Mind' (2003) Director: Jake Nava   |  Angel 'Destiny Complete' (2003) Director: Hayley Cloake  |  Ricky Martin 'Juramento' (2003) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Enrique Iglesias 'Para Qué La Vida (2003) Director: Simon Brand  |  Moby 'We Are All Made of Stars' (2002) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  Nelly 'Pimp Juice' (2002) Director: Benny Boom   |  Sum 41 'Motivation' (2002) Director: Super America  |  Eminem 'Without Me' (2002) Director: Joseph Kahn  |  George Michael 'Freeek' (2002) Director: Joseph Kahn   |  Chantal Kreviazuk 'Time' (2002) Director: Todd Kellstein   |  Garbage 'Cherry Lips' (2001) Director: Joseph Kahn

Film Festival History

"Beautiful Dead Things" (Short Film) Directors: Iggi Ogard, Renee Faia, Cast: Renee Faia, Michael Petted, Winner, Platinum REMI Award for Dramatic Short at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Official Selection: WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Diversity in Cannes Film Festival

"[In]visible" (Short Film) Director: Rosser Goodman, Cast: Nina Bergman, Bryan Dilbeck, Winner, Best Filmmaker Award at the 48 Hour Disability Film Festival, Winner, Platinum REMI Award for Suspense Short at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Official Selection: HollyShorts Film Festival

Cash Cash featuring Sofia Reyes "How To Love" (Music Video) Director: Robert Schober Winner, Gold REMI Award for Music Video at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

"Pony" (Short Film) Director: Candice Carella, Cast: Xander Berkeley, Miko Nakano, Suzy Nakamura, Winner, Audience Award at the Sarasota Film Festival, Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Short Film at the Best Shorts Competition, Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Actress- at the IndieFEST Film Awards, Winner, Award of Merit for Best Short at the IndieFEST Film Awards, Winner, Award of Merit for Best Screenplay at the IndieFEST Film Awards, Winner, Award of Merit for Best Original Song, Winner, Silver Award for Best Narrative Short at the International Independent Film Awards, Winner, Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the California International Shorts Festival, Winner, Best Director at the Global Independent Film AwardsWinner, Best Featurette at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Drama at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Action Sequence at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, The Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Ensemble Cast at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Actor under 18 at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Original Song at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Jury Prize Best Narrative American Short Film at the Rome International Film Fest, USA, Winner, Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the 31st Boston Film Festival, Winner, Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Festival, Winner, Jury Prize for Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Hollywood Film Festival, Winner, Outstanding Performance by a male lead actor from the Cape Cod International Film FestivalWinner, Artistic Director’s Choice at the Lady Filmmaker’s Film Festival, Winner, Best Short Award from the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, Winner, Best Short Film at the 18th FirstGlance Film Festival - Philadelphia, Winner, Best Story at the 18th FirstGlance Film Festival - Philadelphia, Winner, Gold Lion Award for Best Screenplay from the London Film AwardsWinner, Best Short Film at the Beloit International Film Festival, Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Short Film at the Canada International Film Festival, Winner, Platinum REMI Award for Best Narrative Short at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Winner, El Rey Award for Excellence in Narrative Short Filmmaking at the Barcelona International Film FestivalWinner, Audience Award at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Film FestivalWinner, Best Narrative Short Award, South Dakota Film Festival

Nominated, Best Director at the Milan International Film Festival of World, Nominated, Best Short Film at the Milan International Film Festival of World Cinema, Nominated, Best Short Film at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Nominated, Best Short Film Award at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival, Nominated, Best Short Film at the Cape Cod International Film Festival

Official Selection: Sarasota Film Festival, Best Shorts Competition, International Independent Film Awards, IndieFest Film Awards, Global Independent Film Awards, California International Shorts Festival, Through Womens Eyes Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, New York City Independent Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, Cape Cod International Film Festival, Access Code Film Fest --- Srinagar, India, Boston Independent Film Festival, RomaCinemadoc Film Festival  --- Rome, Italy, International Film Festival of world Cinema --- Milan, Italy, Bali International Film Festival --- Bali, Indonesia, Long Beach Indie Independent Film Festival, 18th Annual First Glance Film Festival- Philadelphia, Salt Lake International Film Festival, 19th annual Hollywood Film Festival, Lady Filmmakers Film Festival --- Beverly Hills, CA, Bahamas International Film Festival- Nassau, Bahamas, Beloit International Film Festival--Beloit, WI 2016, Malibu International Film Festival London Film Awards --- London, United Kingdom, Magwill Film Festival, Pasadena International Film Festival, Taos Shortz Fest, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Greenwich International Film Festival 

"Cook County" (Feature Film) Director: David Pomes, Cast: Anson Mount, Xander Berkeley, Ryan Donawho, Polly Cole
Winner, Best Feature, Hollywood Film Festival; Winner, Audience Award SXSW; Festival Winner, Best Feature, AFI Dallas; Winner, Audience Award, Nashville Film Festival; Winner, Best Feature, Sidewalk Film Festival

"Love And Mary" (Feature Film) Director: Elizabeth Harrison, Cast: Lauren German, Gabriel Mann
Official Selection, Hollywood Film Festival; Official Selection, SXSW


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The Barkers

The Barkers

The Barkers are a Chicago based collaborative husband and wife directing team. For the past six years and counting they’ve been creating killer videos, awe-inspiring imagery and even some of those catchy original songs you’ve been Shazaming, for both commercial advertising and editorial projects. And they’ve been lucky enough to do so for some of the world’s biggest brands including Crate & Barrel, Microsoft, Kraft, JC Penney and Hyatt.

In this new high-tech insta-snap-face-tube digital world, amongst a sea of slogans and hashtags, it’s easy to lose sight of what makes us all human. No one thing or one person is truly ordinary. And the Barkers remind us of this throughout their work. Those real life everyday moments, and the experiences that shape our lives are what they strive to capture. The work they create is not just pictures and words; it’s living content—made of bite-sized slices-of-life telling stories. And it’s this intuitive insight to social behavior and cultural trends that allows them to create high quality content that resonates and connects with their viewers.


Chicago, IL
United States
Rich Michell

Rich Michell

Director / DP Rich Michell brings an experienced, thoughtful approach to his projects. The work reflects his roots with degrees in sculpture and photography. He’s one of the handful of directors who is equally experienced in shooting food, product, and people. He strives for an elegance, regardless of subject, whether he’s working with children, tumbling fruit, or handling topics like aging. He’s worked with a myriad of national brands including: AT&T, Banquet Foods, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Bob Evans, Breathe Right, Chiquita Fruit, Con Agra, General Mills / Pillsbury, H&R Block, Hormel, Jennie O, Land O Lakes, Miracle Ear, Northrup King, Philips, Rustoleum, Straitline Tools, 3M / Scotch, Subway, Target, United Healthcare, Washington Nationals, Weight Watchers, and Wendy’s.