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Stewart Cohen

Canadian born Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen is known for his subtle yet effective fashion in which he directs people, and for the enthusiasm and energy he brings to all assignments. His visual approach is honest, resonant, authentic and cinematic. He moves seamlessly between large-scale productions and smaller intimate ones keeping his visual acuity sharp.

To date he has won countless top industry awards, has been profiled in Communication Arts Magazine, and selected by Adweek as Photographer of the Year.  A recent client commented, “He connects at a level I have rarely seen, we are lucky he has not moved on to do features”.

Being on the road is a normal day for Stewart, his projects have taken him to all seven continents including Antarctica. There are agencies who seek him out because of his experience working internationally. Being a client on assignment with him is always an adventure because you will always experience more than you’d expect.

Recently Stewart released a photography book titled, “Seeing Red”, which takes a fun jab at the urban myth of redheads becoming extinct.   
In the real world of art as commerce, he has created a boutique production company that treats each client to enjoyable, productive experiences. The relationships SCP creates last years because Stewart understands what expectations are and strives to over-deliver on every occasion. He has this innate ability to put himself in the client’s shoes and become a partner in every project. 

Stewart says, “With cameras I get to explore places and meet people I’d never know. It’s the act of shooting that drives me. The more I see, the more I realize there is. So I’m always out there-watching for a moment. I just want the viewer to feel what I see.”


Photography, Motion, People, Travel, Storytelling and All Things Life.
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Stewart studied photography at UT/Austin, then went on to apprentice with Helmut Newton before completing the film program at USC.  He has been featured in professional publications such as Communication Arts, PDN, Adweek and the British Journal of Photography.  Stewart has shot on all seven continents for major commercial clients.


 2021 - Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance: Insurance Holiday - Santa 

 2021 - AMLI Fountain Place: A Day in the Life 

 2021 - Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance: More Than Insurance - Scholarships 

 2021 - Whataburger: From Whataburger to Hell's Kitchen 

 2021 -Whataburger: Family Member Stories 

 2021 - Lake Austin Spa Resort: Wellness Meets the Water 

 2020 - American Red Cross: Share It 

 2020 - Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance: Life 

 2020 - San Diego Gas & Electric: Podando Arboles y Vegetación en Su Hogar 

 2020 - Encore Drive-In Nights: Drive in - Rock Out

 2020 - San Diego Gas & Electric: Gas Leak

 2019 - Honda: Right Size SUV 

 2019 - Landmark Bank: I'm a Landmark 

 2019 - Lifthouse: Mind, Body, Spirit 

 2019 - Promised Land Dairy: Welcome to Indulgence

 2019 - San Diego Gas & Electric: Descanse Mejor con CARE 

 2019 - San Diego Gas & Electric: Powerline Safety

 2019 - San Diego Gas & Electric: Seguridad de Invierno 

 2019 - The Salvation Army: Thrift Store Hacks 

 2019 - United Way of Metropolitan Dallas: Lead United, Live United 

 2019 - San Diego Gas & Electric: Stay Away from Swaying Wires 

 2019 - Unilever Grooming Coordinator 

 2019 - Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company: Faith 

 2019 - American Airlines Luxury Experience 

 2019 - Live! Casino & Hotel: Romance 

 2018 - American Airlines: Flagship First Experience 

 2018 - American Airlines: Stand Up to Cancer Aircraft 

 2018 - Loncar Associates: The Strong Arm 

 2018 - MillerLite: Gearing Up for the Holidays

 2018 - Visit Dallas: Forever Texas 

 2018 - American Airlines: Main Cabin Extra 

 2018 - Pizza Hut: Sweet Catch 

 2017 - Shamrock Farms 

 2017 - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Rules of the House 

 2017 - Visit Dallas: Legacy Meets Luxury 

 2017 - Welcome to Lake Austin Spa Resort 

 2016 - American Airlines: AAdvantage

 2016 - Cheetos: Chestora Bracelet

 2016 - Dickies Performance: Bike Messenger

 2016 - Dickies Performance: Brewery 

 2016 - Dickies Performance: Fabrication

 2016 - Frito Lay: Garth Brooks 

 2016 - Gatorade: Win from Within 

 2016 - Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance: My Old Kentucky Home

 2016 - Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer 

 2016 - Tostitos: Face Paint 

 2016 - Total Wine & More: Challenge Accepted 

 2016 - Turtle Bay Resort: Escape the Everyday

 2016 - White Cloud: Pet Family 

 2016 - Total Wine & More: To Beer or Not to Beer 

 2016 - Kentucky Farm Bureau: Cards or Cats 

 2016 - Cinemark: Connections 

 2015 - Dickies: Canaan Smith 

 2015 - Helzberg 

 2015 - Neiman Marcus: Fantasy Gifts 

 2015 - Olay: Sorry Mom 

 2015 - Perennials Fabrics: Kidding Around 

 2015 - Walmart: I've Got This 

 2013 - Baptist Health: Sports Medicine 

 2013 - Bounty: Bringing the Twins 

 2013 - Febreze: Funky Fresh 

 2013 - Flexjet: You'll Be Moved 

 2013 - Herradura Tequila: Visit Casa Herradura 

 2013 - Neiman Marcus: Mary Katrantzou 

 2013 - Procter & Gamble: The Everyday Effect 

 2013 - The JFK Unspoken Speech: Our Adversaries

 2012 - ResCare: Arm Wrestle

 2012 - ResCare: Ready to Rumble

 2010 - Frozen Ghost Vodka: The Encounter

 2009 - Baptist Health: Senior Boogie

 2009 - McDonald's: Pre-Game Rituals 

 2008 - Eukanuba: Puppy Nutrition 

 2008 - Eukanuba: Magnificence Through Nutrition 

 2007 - Texas Rangers: Candles 

 2007 - Texas Rangers: Jousting 

 2005 - SPCA: Adopt a Dog 


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