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Stewart Cohen

Canadian born Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen is known for his subtle yet effective fashion in which he directs people, and for the enthusiasm and energy he brings to all assignments. His visual approach is honest, resonant, authentic and cinematic. He moves seamlessly between large-scale productions and smaller intimate ones keeping his visual acuity sharp.

To date he has won countless top industry awards, has been profiled in Communication Arts Magazine, and selected by Adweek as Photographer of the Year.  A recent client commented, “He connects at a level I have rarely seen, we are lucky he has not moved on to do features”.

Being on the road is a normal day for Stewart, his projects have taken him to all seven continents including Antarctica. There are agencies who seek him out because of his experience working internationally. Being a client on assignment with him is always an adventure because you will always experience more than you’d expect.

Recently Stewart completed work on a biopic book featuring well-known and unusual people combined with their personal quotes expressing what makes them unique as individuals. The monograph is titled “Identity” and was published in 2010, with the first printing almost sold out. It has been warmly received by critics and has won numerous industry awards. He is currently working on his next book which has a working title of “Innocent Bystanders”.

Stewart says, “With cameras I get to explore places and meet people I’d never know. It’s the act of shooting that drives me. The more I see, the more I realize there is. So I’m always out there-watching for a moment. I just want the viewer to feel what I see.”


Photography, Motion, People, Travel, Storytelling and All Things Life.
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Stewart studied photography at UT/Austin, then went on to apprentice with Helmut Newton before completing the film program at USC.  He has been featured in professional publications such as Communication Arts, PDN, Adweek and the British Journal of Photography.  Stewart has shot on all seven continents for major commercial clients.


Dallas, TX
United States
Phone: 214.421.2186

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