Patrick Ortman (right) in New York City directing a thing

Patrick Ortman

Hey there! I'm an LA and NY-based director who mostly does live-action (actors and "real people") commercials and content. My genres are comedy and straightforward. I know VFX, too.

12 Fortune 500s and brands you know trust me to deliver great projects on budget and on time. I've directed for CapitalOne, BMW, MassMutual,, and MasterCard.

I've won more than 30 awards for my work, and I'm used to productions where there's multiple stakeholders and "do or die" deadlines.

I bring a strong, experienced vision to the work I do, and I am a very hands-on director with a background in all aspects of filmmaking. I know how to get what my clients need to make their projects a success, and most of my clients have not only hired me back again and again- they've become lifelong friends.




Los Angeles, CA
United States
Phone: 310 435-4815

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