Patrick Ortman on set in Los Angeles

Patrick Ortman

Patrick Ortman is a writer-director-producer. He's created branded content and commercials with 12 Fortune 500s, global brands, select startups, and world-changer nonprofits. His work has been seen by hundreds of millions of people and won over 30 awards. His web series and films have been official selections at more than two dozen film festivals. Some of the clients he's worked with include MassMutual, PepsiCo, BMW, CapitalOne, and 

"When I work with a client, I'm all-in. With BMW, they'd hired a name director who'd disappointed them. I flew across the country from the set of a show I was directing to meet with them and make their project happen within their time and budget constraints. I don't let my clients down, ever." says Patrick. "And by having experience with all aspects of filmmaking, I've learned how to solve problems on set as they happen. For instance, with CapitalOne we had a practical location in NYC. Halfway through the day, there was a huge emergency across the street that brought a dozen emergency vehicles and their flashing lights. We were shooting in a white-on-white storefront with huge windows facing these lights. It looked like a lost cause- all the red and blue lights bouncing around inside. But instead of canceling the shoot, I worked with my gaffer to quickly throw up blackout fabric across the storefront windows and then relit the interior and consulted with the agency producer on how we could change the shotlist on the fly to make our day and to make the client happy. My experience coming up through production as an all-around filmmaker makes me a director who knows how to get things done no matter what."

Patrick's also exceptional at working with actors. "I studied acting, in several known schools in LA and New York. I've done theater, and I've been in some commercials myself. So working with actors has always come naturally. I've also worked with kids (lots!) and animals. I engender trust from actors, whether they're Hollywood celebrities or not. Part of it is that I respect their craft and what they're doing for us. Part of it is listening. And part of it is that I've been where they are." says Ortman. "It's also why I almost always do casting. Even if we're working with a casting director, I like to be there. I like to see what they bring. I like to give them an adjustment and see how that goes. To me, not being available in casting is a big mistake. It's your first shot at seeing how you'll work together. And if the actors are giving their time to the project, the director needs to give as well."

Patrick lives and works in Los Angeles and New York City. Partly because of that he is getting close to the million mile club on his airline of choice, and in his spare time he plays music, raises a pet rabbit, and writes occasional episodes for television shows.


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