Patrick Ortman on set in Los Angeles

Patrick Ortman

Patrick is a multi-hyphenate filmmaker who has directed, written, or produced branded content and commercials with 12 Fortune 500s, global brands, select startups, and world-changer nonprofits. His stories and video content have been seen by hundreds of millions of people and won over 30 awards. His web series and short films have been official selections at more than two dozen film festivals. Patrick lives and works in Los Angeles and New York City. Partly because of that he is getting close to the million mile club on his airline of choice, and in his spare time he plays music, raises a pet rabbit, and writes occasional episodes for television shows.

Patrick's keen eye for storytelling while getting all the details along with the big picture help him stand out as a director and storyteller. "I started out scrappy- night school at UCLA in Film while during the day I'd be on set doing small budget client projects and stealing time to find my own voice with short films and web series. I had to be plucky, and I had to learn everything I could about all aspects of story and production" says Patrick. "Plus, I have a business degree so it's never been a problem relating to a client's mindset. It's been a slower climb than if I were a trust fund kid who got to do a big project out of the gate but now that I'm doing those bigger projects I'm pretty happy I came up through the ranks, so to speak. I know who I am, and I'm very confident with all aspects of the process. This helps me on every commercial or film I do."

Here's what people say:

"For us, Patrick was the perfect partner for our project – he is truly passionate about film, and fully understands all the processes within. He is also trustworthy & reliable – which was hugely important to us being overseas and working with significant clients. We are looking forward to future US-based productions, so we get the opportunity to work with Patrick and his team again." -Harry Scotting, Advertising Agency Producer in the UK

"A visionary with a great team and the willingness to work side-by-side with his clients' concepts and ideas are only a few of the reasons we enjoyed working with – and will continue to work with Patrick Ortman. Being from a [Design] services industry myself - and being a stickler for quality - I've been impressed with the results of each video production." -Damien Dalli, Chief Product Officer

"When I knew this would be a full-service, multifaceted video production request –with last-minute demands– there was no question about going with Patrick on this. Patrick's team can do it all: produce, direct, shoot, edit, create motion graphics, do the audio mix in ProTools, mastering, and more. Everything in a single resource. On top of that, he produced these challenging short films with soul and artistry. He would not sacrifice quality at any turn. As a reward, the piece earned multiple compliments and inquiries from members of our C-level audience." -Britt Benston, Creative Director 


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