Francesco Lazzaro

I work with a fantastic group of designers, cinematographers, and editors at Kinopicz American.

Along with good friend and stalwart DP, Damian Woher, I founded Kinopicz in 2008 to provide a forward-looking digital cinema studio to the Columbus market, independent producers, and agencies everywhere.

Over the arc of my career, I've had the good fortune to know and work with so many inspired thinkers and leaders--men and women who've been my mentors in many disciplines (whether they knew it or not).

I enjoy collaborating with clients and colleagues where I can help the most:

• Concept development of film, video, and other media

• Creative direction emphasizing scriptwriting, visual communication, and sound design

• Outwitting the inevitable challenges of our shared marketplace

If you work in the world of advertising and entertainment, I invite you to visit us at and imagine what work we might do together.


directing, storyboarding, writing, producing, editing, copywriting, brand development, art direction, creative directing


Columbus, OH
United States
Phone: 614-754-1698

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