Danny Roew

Recently broke the hearts of millions of fan girls, ridding the world of boy bands via zombies in my latest film, DEAD 7. Check out my last movie, SHOTGUN WEDDING and my dirty little Sundance short, DOG LOVERS.


Dog Lovers (2008) "Just One Kiss" Music Video | Nick Carter (2010) "Burning Up" Music Video | Nick Carter Feat. Britton 'Briddy' Shaw (2011) Shotgun Wedding (2013) Dead 7 (2016) American Ninja Warrior: Crashing the Course (2017) Recipes from Hell's Kitchen (2017) Storyline Online: Lotus & Feather (2019) Lightlapse (2020) So That Happened (2021) "Easy" Music Video | Nick Carter (2022)

Film Festival History

Sundance Film Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival, Crested Butte Film Festival, Moxie! Santa Monica International Film Festival, Flickerfest, Pioneertown Film Festival


Los Angeles, CA
United States