Joey Waldrip

After abandoning his dream of capturing Big Foot (and finally settling the matter of his existence,) Joey Waldrip joined charlieuniformtango in 2002. He started as an assistant editor, but quickly migrated to the online effects department to begin training as a Flame Artist.  He was doing sessions almost the next day and hasn’t looked back since.  Joey is an avid outdoorsman, a devoted father of three children and the de-facto vice chairman of the tango social committee.  His suite is not just the place to go to solve challenging color or effects problems. It’s also where you’ll hear the latest “country” music, find out why Joey’s never been to New York, or learn about the nuances of why baseball isn’t incredibly boring.  Joey will continue to push the envelope of what can be done with the moving image on a computer for a few more years. Then he plans to retire at the age of 52, move to Wyoming to fish and drink beer until he tires of it. Then maybe he’ll re-kindle his dream of cornering Bigfoot, eventually befriending him, then releasing him back into the wild, keeping his secret safe forever.

Jeremy Bartel

Jeremy Bartel always wanted to be a director. From the age of nine he was prolifically shooting comedies, dramas, and horror shorts. As a teenager he began concepting and shooting TV spots for local businesses. His interest in all aspects of filmmaking continues to lead him in fresh new directions.  As a director, Jeremy focuses on performance. He’s great with talent, whether professional actors or amateurs. He’s an actor’s director and a master of comic subtlety. Comedy requires a deft touch. Most directors tend to go too big, or too subtle where nuance can be lost. Jeremy always strikes the perfect balance.  His work speaks for itself. He has directed commercials for Dr Pepper, Chick-fil-A, Interstate Batteries, Captain D’s, Capital One, 7-Eleven, Colorado Lottery, and Taco Cabana in collaboration with The Richards Group, Firehouse, TM, Tracy Locke, Cactus, Publicis-Hawkeye, and Commerce House among others.


James Rayburn

James Rayburn is a firm believer that timing is everything. Whether building a big laugh or crafting that compelling cry, timing plays a timely huge role in James’ storytelling. He has earned immense respect as an immersive editor who finds the right flow for the story instead of simply finding what works.  James’ time-tested talents can be seen in work for brands like FIAT, Universal Studios, Captain D’s Seafood, Dr. Pepper and Orkin. That work has afforded him the opportunity to work with esteemed agencies, such as The Richards Group, TM Advertising, Publicis Hawkeye, TracyLocke, Firehouse and others.  James’ sense of humor, unparalleled professionalism and ceaseless love for storytelling are obvious to anyone he works with. From the editing bay to the local foosball tournament, you can expect James to bring something unexpected to the table, and to create a sense of collaboration that crafts a timeless story – time and time again.

Deedle LaCour

Deedle LaCour is a film editor, musician, record producer, and documentary filmmaker from Dallas, TX.  Since 2000 he has edited countless national TV ads including Super Bowl spots, digital campaigns, music videos, feature films and shorts.  Previously, he owned a recording studio specializing in music production.  As an editor, Deedle leans on his vast experience and many creative talents to help shape the projects he works on.  He loves to collaborate and is known for his patience and speed.  Recent projects and clients include:  Dodge, Jeep, Maserati, Alpha Romeo, Lays, The Southeastern Conference (SEC), Canada Dry, Susan G. Komen, and Cinemark for agencies such as The Richards Group, The Marketing Arm, Commerce House, and RAPP.  In 2014 his award winning directorial debut “FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL” was released to rave reviews.  The Los Angeles Times called it an "exhilarating and curiously moving punk documentary”.

A dead car battery prevents a motley group of rock n' roll musicians from melting faces at the county fair. Now they have to get Jeff to shut up about it before they're reminded what happened last time in Pittsburgh.

Jack Waldrip Headshot

Jack Waldrip

Editing is quite literally part of Jack Waldrip’s DNA. His father was the Lighting Director at a Dallas public TV station and taught TV production at Jack’s high school. “I grew up around broadcast production. With access to my school’s film equipment, I learned to shoot and edit early on,” Jack says. He has been thriving in the film business ever since.  Jack founded charlieuniformtango with Lola Lott in 1996. His editing awards include a Cannes Lion, multiple ADDYs, a CLIO and an AICP, as well as a ‘Best Editor’ nomination at the International Monitor Awards three years in a row.  Waldrip has a reputation for being an editor with an opinion. His approach to editing is anything but mundane. With his sixth sense for finding the right take to make a story succinct, Jack always seems to know exactly how to make a story relevant and interesting. Whether he’s using multi-layer effects or simply letting the film’s action play out, Jack is universally regarded as one of the best at bringing a unique perspective to every project.




Commercial Editing
Documentary Editing
Feature Film Editing
Music Video Editing


Broken August (Short) 2009

6 (Short) 2008

One Nation (Documentary)  2008

Jucifer: Veterans of Volume - Live with Eight Cameras (Video)  2005

Indefinitely (Short)  2004

Night Dawn Day (Short)  1992

America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (TV Series documentary) (1 episode) 

- Folsom Prison (1992)


Dallas, TX
Phone: (214) 922-9222
United States