Tony Wann

Tony Wann has spent the better part of his life trying to balance his competing right and left brain. Technically minded but definitely not a scientist, aesthetically inclined but not quite an artist, motion graphics bridges the divide. It’s a realm where the technical and artistic impulses fuel and support one another.  Tony is always eager to collaborate. Whether bringing an art director’s vision to life, or working directly with clients to build a message from the ground up, he brings creativity and dedication to every project. The agencies he has partnered with include The Richards Group, TM Advertising, GSD&M, LatinWorks, and McGarrah Jessee, to create commercials and videos for clients such as AT&T, Universal Orlando, Frost Bank, Texas Lottery, and March Of Dimes.  Tony believes sleep is negotiable if the coffee is strong. He plays a four piece Vistalite drum kit because it sounds good when you hit it hard.

Randal Ford

Randal Ford’s amazing still photography style translates so naturally to motion. As a photographer Randal has always told stories. As a director he now has so many ways to communicate. “I really enjoy adding layers to a story. Camera movement and a soundtrack give me so much more to work with. Collaborating with talent to tell a story in still photography is fulfilling, but live action takes it to a whole new level.”  Randal’s work has appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, 20 Texas Monthly covers, and the cover of Communication Arts. Some of the agencies he has collaborated with include BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, The Martin Agency, Karsh Hagan, McGarrah-Jessee, and Wieden+Kennedy.  Randal manages to merge the emotional impact that’s a hallmark of exceptional print photography with the sense of ‘being there’ that live action brings. 

Nick Patronella

Nick Patronella came to charlieuniformtango in 2011 from SugarHill Recording Studios in Houston, Texas. He began his audio career there after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sound Design.  Initially an assistant audio engineer, it wasn’t long before Nick began to impress clients with his extensive technical knowledge and creativity working with music composition and sound design.  Nick has put his creativity to work for clients such as Gamestop for The Richards Group, Interstate battery for Firehouse, and The Texas Rangers for TM Advertising.  When not building a musical score or constructing sound design elements, you might find Nick at work on his secret passion: losing track of time in his favorite video games. 

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson is a filmmaker, adventurer & animal lover. Justin's love of visual storytelling & documentation began at a young age and his passion for filmmaking continues to this day. His award winning work on commercials, music videos & documentaries has garnered millions of views on multiple platforms around the world.  You're as likely to catch Justin’s work in an international film festival as you are on MTVu. His approach is client specific, always keeping the aesthetic in tune with the spirit of the project. He's comfortable on multiple cameras as well as a variety of post production software. When not shooting or editing, you can often find Justin composing music on a variety of instruments. 

Joey Waldrip

After abandoning his dream of capturing Big Foot (and finally settling the matter of his existence,) Joey Waldrip joined charlieuniformtango in 2002. He started as an assistant editor, but quickly migrated to the online effects department to begin training as a Flame Artist.  He was doing sessions almost the next day and hasn’t looked back since.  Joey is an avid outdoorsman, a devoted father of three children and the de-facto vice chairman of the tango social committee.  His suite is not just the place to go to solve challenging color or effects problems. It’s also where you’ll hear the latest “country” music, find out why Joey’s never been to New York, or learn about the nuances of why baseball isn’t incredibly boring.  Joey will continue to push the envelope of what can be done with the moving image on a computer for a few more years. Then he plans to retire at the age of 52, move to Wyoming to fish and drink beer until he tires of it. Then maybe he’ll re-kindle his dream of cornering Bigfoot, eventually befriending him, then releasing him back into the wild, keeping his secret safe forever.

Jeremy Bartel

Jeremy Bartel always wanted to be a director. From the age of nine he was prolifically shooting comedies, dramas, and horror shorts. As a teenager he began concepting and shooting TV spots for local businesses. His interest in all aspects of filmmaking continues to lead him in fresh new directions.  As a director, Jeremy focuses on performance. He’s great with talent, whether professional actors or amateurs. He’s an actor’s director and a master of comic subtlety. Comedy requires a deft touch. Most directors tend to go too big, or too subtle where nuance can be lost. Jeremy always strikes the perfect balance.  His work speaks for itself. He has directed commercials for Dr Pepper, Chick-fil-A, Interstate Batteries, Captain D’s, Capital One, 7-Eleven, Colorado Lottery, and Taco Cabana in collaboration with The Richards Group, Firehouse, TM, Tracy Locke, Cactus, Publicis-Hawkeye, and Commerce House among others.


James Rayburn

James Rayburn is a firm believer that timing is everything. Whether building a big laugh or crafting that compelling cry, timing plays a timely huge role in James’ storytelling. He has earned immense respect as an immersive editor who finds the right flow for the story instead of simply finding what works.  James’ time-tested talents can be seen in work for brands like FIAT, Universal Studios, Captain D’s Seafood, Dr. Pepper and Orkin. That work has afforded him the opportunity to work with esteemed agencies, such as The Richards Group, TM Advertising, Publicis Hawkeye, TracyLocke, Firehouse and others.  James’ sense of humor, unparalleled professionalism and ceaseless love for storytelling are obvious to anyone he works with. From the editing bay to the local foosball tournament, you can expect James to bring something unexpected to the table, and to create a sense of collaboration that crafts a timeless story – time and time again.