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Scott McCullough is an American film director, cinematographer, and writer.  Best known as a director/dp for commercials and music videos, McCullough’s most notable for working with Prince, Paul Newman, NASCAR, Ford, GM, Budweiser, Pepsi, Kubota, Target and many more Fortune 500 clients with top ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, Doner, DDB, Team Detroit, Martin Williams, Deutsch, J. Walter Thompson and more.

McCullough’s feature film “Séance” is in pre-production and set for distribution for fall of 2018.   He has been developing several other features and television projects including co-writing the Sublime biopic “What I got”, the Vietnam PTSD war feature film “Captain For Dark Mornings” starring Martin Sheen.  Other projects include the veteran-based dramatic series “Spent Rounds” is in development along with other films including “1983”, “26 Floors”, “Holiday Motel”, “The Flame” and more. 

McCullough was the creator, writer and director for R.J.Reynolds Thunder Theater 70mm NASCAR experience film “100%” and “No Bull” - known as the world’s largest mobile theater. He also had directed and shot over 26 projects for Prince, including the gold RIAA rated (over 1MM in sales) projects “Gett Off” home video, “Diamonds and Pearls” home video, “Sexy M.F” and over a dozen live concerts and other films for the music icon.

McCullough resides in Los Angeles, California.

Awards Include: CANNES Film Festival Finalist (commercials) - The New York Festivals: 2 time Silver Medals & Bronze Medal - 24-time TELLY Advertising Awards - Golden Cine Award - EFFIE Award -2-time Summit Gold Award - 2000 Vision Award - 3-time CINDI gold awards - Intercom Awards Silver Plaque - National ITVA: Bronze/Gold/Silver - US Int’l Film Festival: 2 Creative Excellence awards - ADWEEK Top Spots: 1998/1994 - AXIEM: Best of Show-ITVA 3-time winner - 2017 Poland International Film Festival Official Selection, 2018 Amsterdam Film Festival, 2017 ADDY, 2017 International Independent Film Festival Diamond Award- 2016 First Glance Film Festival (winner/best trailer), Philadelphia - 2016 Best Shorts Festival Official Selection - 2016 Accolade International Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Short Stop Int'l Film Festival - 2016 London Short Stop Film Festival - 2016 HRIFF (best trailer) -2016 Hollywood Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Access Code Film Festival - 2015 Euro Fest Selection - 2015 Fade In - Awards (finalist) - 6 Addy Awards - HAA Bestof Show - HAA Gold - The New York Festivals: Gold World Medal - 8 RIAA Gold videos for Prince - Bronze World Medal - Sonoma Valley Film Festival - Method Fest Film Festival Finalist - Orinda Film Festival Finalist – Indie Producer Film Festival Finalist - International Cinema and Technology World Tour - Festival International De Biarritz 2003 Jury Award - La Réalisation Integral Best Director - Circe de Ciurto (Italy) Best Short - 3-time AURORA winner-Platinum & Best of Show -  16-time MN Video Awards - Minnesota Music Video Awards: 3-time Director of the Year - and more.

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Scott currently works as an independent director/dp on a non-exclusive basis. To learn more visit Scott's website or use the secure contact form below to request more information.



My Latest News

Friday, Apr. 28, 2017
Edge of Reason, LLC is proud to announce that the PSA “The Other Note” is honored by the 60th CINE Golden Eagle Awards for Professional Media. Established in 1957, the CINE Golden Eagle Awards honor originality and excellence in storytelling throughout the media industry. Selected by a... read more
Scott McCullough Directs, Writes, Lenses “The Other Note” For National Veterans Foundation
Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016
More than 20 American veterans commit suicide every day in what’s being referred to as a “suicide epidemic” in the U.S. That’s why director Scott McCullough of Edge of Reason, LLC, an independent production company, created “The Other Note” featuring Martin Sheen. McCullough enlisted freelance... read more
Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016
Lush landscapes and candid portraits of satisfied customers set against a dramatic narration kick off a new Kubota national brand film, “We are Kubota, This Is What We Do” directed by award-winning Director S.C. McCullough and shot entirely on location in Missouri and Kansas. McCullough was chosen... read more
Tuesday, May. 27, 2014
Director/DP Scott McCullough was recently honored by both The 2014 ADDY Awards and The 2014 Telly Awards for his commercial, music video and film work. The Los Angeles American Advertising Awards (The ADDY), the advertising industry’s largest competition for creative excellence, bestowed the Bronze... read more
Friday, Sep. 16, 2011
The perils of secondhand smoke even in the great outdoors come to roost in this PSA directed by Scott McCullough for Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing , Austin, Texas. The :30 features a large tanker truck driving through Austin, emblazoned with the sign "Cigarette Smoke." A worker in a haz-mat... read more

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Cats don't need gear...

Cast: Scott McCullough

A frog desperatly wants to be human again.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Cats don't need protective gear. Cannes winner

Cast: Scott McCullough

Long-lost spot for anti-teen drinking campaign for Initio. 2001

Cast: Scott McCullough

If your friends ask you to drink...ask why. There's no go reason.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Hudsons donates for kids.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo uses the Chi Styling Curler for those great curls.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Highlights of director's favorite shots for a great client!
©2018 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough

Two cars duel...but one burns gas...
©2018 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough
©2018 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough

Perfume, ocean...makes sense.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Parties are better with 12-packs that can hold ice.
©2018 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough

A Porsche races on a winding mountain road and stops short of killing a rabbit...but looses it's red paint instead due to awesome tires.
©2018 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough

An emotional commercial featuring the son of the racing legend Dale Earnhardt.
©2018 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough

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2017 Cine Golden Eagle Award Winner
2017 Advertising Federation Silver Award Winner
2017 Telly's Peoples Award and Telly Award
2017 Summit Award Award of Excellence and more
Agency and Production Company: Edge of Reason, LLC
Writer / Director: Scott McCullough
Producer: Windy Buhler
Director of Photography: Scott McCullough
Casting Director: Michael Sanford / Sanford Casting
Executive Production Partner: Kip Azzoni, Global Compassion in Action
Executive Production Partner: Tim Wolf, The Wolf Family Foundation
Production Services: Rekon Studios-Producer/LP Jon Kondrath
Co-Producer: Grayson Brooke
Production Coordinator: Lezlie Lopez
Property Master/Set Design: Kirk de Musiak
Composer/Sound Designer: Omar Fadel
Editor: Lucid Editorial, Mike Hackett, Editor
Music by Omar Fadel
EFX Team: J.S. Effects
Post Production/Editorial: Crash + Sues / Minneapolis
Creative Consultant: Debbie Karnowsky

Assistant Director: Dan Giles
Assistant Camera: Delaney Shioari
DIT: Elijih Burns
Gaffer/LD: Craig Burns
Script Supervisor: Nicole Rivera
Sound Recording: Samuel “Sandy” Fellerman
Stylist: Vickie Waite
Video Assist: Abram Miller
Production Assistants: Adi Cobigting, Kyle Shafia
Camera equipment by The Camera House
Lighting and Grip by Burns Grip and Lighting
Catering: Camilles
Craft Services: Kit and Kaboodle

© 2017 Edge of Reason, LLC

Cast: Scott McCullough

Prince and the New Power Generation talk about working with Prince with rare behind the scenes footage of rehearsals and sound checks.
From the guy who shot it - Not for monetary use and intended for the fans. Footage from a press released films that never really made it out. I shot this at Paisley Park and the now demolished HHH Metro Dome. Footage was released to press and rarely seen.

FAIR USE STATEMENT: This video, along with the audio, have been uploaded for entertainment purposes only, and both are ABSOLUTELY IN ACCORDANCE with fair use standards (section 107 of the U.S. Copyright. Act.). All visual elements are derivative forms of copyright compiled by the photographer.

Shot by Scott McCullough at
All Audio © by Paisley Park/Prince Estate
All Visual elements © by Scott McCullough

Cast: Scott McCullough

Screen legend Paul Newman sponsors his race team and Secure Horizons.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Paul Newman in his last filmed project supports Secure Horizons by Pacific Care. Rare and hard to find footage.

Cast: Scott McCullough

Director/DP Scott McCullough with STORY for Leo Burnett
"...the client said that it's the best footage GM has ever produced." Per GM via Diane Schomer/Art director.

Cast: Scott McCullough


Highlights of awards include 2015 Addy, 2015 Telly EEH Directing, 2014 Addy/Pepsi, 2014 Telly/Pepsi, 2014 Telly Trailer/Exorcism, 22 timer Telly winner, Cannes International Advertising Festival Finalist, The New York Festivals: Gold World Medal, Adweek Top Spots: 1998/1994, 3-time ADDY winner, Axiem: Best of Show, 3-time ITVA, three-time "Director of the Year", Golden Cine Award, Effie Award, 2001 Summit Gold Award, 2000 Vision Award, Sonoma Valley Film Festival, Method Fest Film Festival; Finalist, Orinda Film Festival, 3-time Aroura winner: Platinum/Best of Show, The New York Festivals: 2-time Silver Medals/Bronze Medal, 3-time Cindi gold awards, Intercom Awards: Silver Plaque, National ITVA: Bronze/Gold/Silver, US International Film Festival: 2 Certificates of Creative Excellence and more.
Over two decades years of experience on award-winning projects with national and international clients/advertising agencies. Originally educated in architecture, art and design, the pragmatic, kinetic and engaging Director/DP has a prolific foundation of writing, cinematography and editing that drives this successful career with an excellent reputation, leadership, integrity, professionalism and honesty.
McCullough collaborated at the highest levels of production with agencies and clients through the utmost commitment to the story, casting and scene structure possible. Determination to attain the best creative outcome at every budget is always the outcome. A smart, enjoyable and prolific production is imperative for engaging stylistic results that fuels memorable performances in remarkable settings.
  • Advertising Federation of America ADDY Award – Pepsi "Countdown to Now" 
  • CANNES International Awards – Finalist, International Campaign 
  • TELLY awards (21-time winner) – Film Trailer, Music Video, Commercial, Editing
  • Houston Film Festival – Remi Award short film "Curious" 
  • Method Fest – Finalist short film “Audition” 
  • Orinda International Film Festival – Best Actress, Finalist Short Film "Audition" 
  • New York International Film Festival – Finalist "Innocent" 
  • USA International Film Festival – Best long form film "Polaris 
  • International Television and Video Association – Award of Excellence 
  • Axiem Awards – National Finalist Silver Award 
  • Festival International De Biarritz – La Meilleure Actrice -Best Actress 
  • Festival International De Biarritz – La Realisation Integral (Jury Prize) 
  • US International Film and Video Festival – Outstanding International Award - Creative Excellence 
  • EFFIE Worldwide Awards – Political/TV Bronze 
  • Summit International Awards – Creative Excellence, Gold Award for Creative Excellence 
  • Citation Awards – Regional/National Citation 
  • Indie Producer Film Festival – Finalist - Short film 
  • Circe de Ciurito (Italy) – Best Short Film 
  • Cindi Awards (3-time winner) – Gold Award 
  • Aurora Awards (3-time winner) – Platinum, Best of Show, Finalist 
  • Intercom Awards – Silver Plaque 
  • International Cinema and Technology Tour – Featured Work 
  • Minnesota Music Video Awards (16-time winner) Including 
  • Minnesota Music Video Awards - 3-time "Director of the Year" 
  • RIAA Gold Certificate Awards (8-time) – Prince Music Video Sales over $1MM 



2017 The Decks
2016 26 Floors 
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings
2016 Detours: The Film
2015 Zia (Actor showcase)
2014 The Exorcism Diaries (Short)
2008 Three Days (Episodic pilot)
2007 Curious (Short)
2004 Audition (Short)
2001 God's Helper (Short)
2001 Innocent (Episodic pilot)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short)

1993 Prince Sexy MF (music video long-form - secongd unit director, director of photography, camera operator)
1992 Prince Unauthorized (Video documentary-segment director)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (videos "Call The Law", "Strollin', "The Maxx" - second unit, concert footage, interviews and more)

1991 Prince: Gett Off (Longform music video - director and DP for most videos)

Second Unit Director
2008 One-Eyed Monster
1992 Prince: Sexy MF (Video short)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (second unit director and additional segment DP)
1987 Sign 'o' the Times (second second assistant director)

Zia (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2009 The Third Heaven (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short) (as Scott McCullough)
1992 Sexy MF (Video short) (as Scott McCullough)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (as Scott McCullough)
1991 Gett Off (Video) (as Scott McCullough)

Zia (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2014 The Exorcism Diaries (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2004/I Audition (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2001 God's Helper (Short) (as Scott McCullough)

26 Floors
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings
2014 The Exorcism Diaries
2008 Three Days

26 Floors (story by)
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings (story by)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short) (all scripts)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (story treatment "Insatiable"
2001 Innocent
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short)

Chris Cummings “That’ll Teach Her”
Prince “Sexy M.F..”
Prince “Gett Off... Violet The Organ Grinder”
Carmen Electra “Tasty”
Prince “Gett Off... Houstyle”
Prince “Clockin’ The Jizz”
Prince “Live in London”
Prince “Money Don't Matter Tonight
Prince “Willing and Able”
Prince “The Continental”
Prince “Strollin"
Prince “Call The Law”
Prince “Gett Off-Gangster Glam”
Prince “Daddy Pop”
Eric Leeds “Little Rock”
Prince “BBC Documentary”   
Prince “My Name Is Prince”
Prince “Damn U”
Mavis Staples “The Voice”
Prince Europe Tour Rehearsal films ‘91, ‘92, ‘93 
George Clinton “We Can Funk”
Trip Shakespear (AKA Semi-Sonic) “Pearl”
The Time with Prince “We Can Funk”
Prince “Can’t Stop This Felling I Got”
Prince Live in London “Nothing Compares 2 U”
Tevin Campbell “Round and Round”
The Time “Release It”
The Time “Shake”
Ingrid Chavez and Prince “Mystery of U”
Prince “The New Power Generation”
Prince “Elephants and Flowers”
Prince “Live at Glam Slam-concert film”
Prince “Diamonds and Pearls”
And many others.

Film Festival History

Houston Film Festival – Remi Award short film "Curious"

Method Fest – Finalist short film “Audition”

Orinda International Film Festival – Best Actress, Finalist Short Film "Audition"

New York International Film Festival – Finalist "Innocent"

USA International Film Festival – Best long form film "Polaris"

Festival International De Biarritz – La Meilleure Actrice -Best Actress

Festival International De Biarritz – La Realisation Integral (Jury Prize)

US International Film and Video Festival – Outstanding International Award - Creative Excellence

Indie Producer Film Festival – Finalist - Short film Circe de Ciurito (Italy) – Best Short Film

International Cinema and Technology Tour – Featured Work


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