Scott McCullough is an independent (unaffiliated) award-winning director/DP and editor with powerful, inspired and kinetic intuition.  He has garnered many prestigious national and international awards during his career with Fortune 500 clientele on hundreds of commercial spots and branded content pieces. McCullough brings focused, nuanced directing crucial to powerful storytelling.

Hundreds of high-end productions to his directing credit, McCullough’s experience thrives. Target contracted McCullough launching his commercial career and he continues to work with Fortune 500 clients; Kubota, Pepsi, Ford, NASCAR, GM, Polaris, Jeep, Kumho Tires, Coors and Budweiser to name only a few. Other work the first-ever 70 mm NASCAR’s Thunder Dome 100% for RJ Reynolds, which was considered the world’s largest mobile theater. He has worked with most of the world’s top NASCAR drivers, including the legendary Paul Newman, Danica Patrick, Richard Petty, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt, and Jeff Gordon - among others.

McCullough was discovered by rock icon Prince, who valued the precise shooting style founded on music and continued for several years on projects like Sexy MF, Get Off, and Diamonds and Pearls home music videos. Honored with 8 RIAA Gold music video certifications. Currently, Scott has many high-profile projects in development for film and television.

According to director McCullough, a director's diverse skill-set is composed of experience, creativity, intuition, on-set demeanor with strong vision.  An experienced director understands the politics and nuances of a successful working relationship with a studio, cast, crew, and production departments – essential to delivering a studio-caliber film. As a hands-on director with extensive cinematography and editorial experience, McCullough’s technical background complements his creative vision.

There is an intuitive energy that comprises the fabric of the filmmaker's success in their persona and process.  There must exist a deep pool of respect, integrity and creativity to amass all of the critical elements to make a great film.  McCullough innately knows story, character and techniques for all of the film’s components to properly coalesce.

Please visit www.ScottMccullough.com for more information.

VARIOUS AWARDS:  2017 CINE Golden Eagle Award for Best PSA – 2017 Poland International Film Festival Official Selection -  2017 International Independent Film Festival Diamond Award - 2017 Silver ADDY award, regional selection PSA - 2017 Tapas Festival Winner Best Short - 2017 Telly Silver Winner, 2016 First Glance Film Festival (winner/best trailer), Philadelphia - 2016 Best Shorts Festival Official Selection - 2016 Accolade International Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Short Stop International Film Festival - 2016 London Short Stop Film Festival - 2016 HRIFF (best trailer) - 2016 Hollywood Film Festival (winner) - 2016 Access Code Film Festival - 2015 EuroFest Selection - 2015 Fade In - Awards (finalist) - 6 Addy’s Awards - HAA Best of Show - HAA Gold - CANNES Film Festival Finalist (commercials) - The New York Festivals: Gold World Medal - 8 RIAA Gold videos for Prince - Bronze World Medal - 22-time TELLY Advertising Awards - Golden Cine Award - EFFIE Award - 2-time Summit Gold Award - 2000 Vision Award - Sonoma Valley Film Festival - Method Fest Film Festival; Finalist - Orinda Film Festival Finalist - Indie Producer Film Festival finalist - International Cinema and Technology World Tour - Festival International De Biarritz 2003 Jury Award - La Réalisation Integral Best Director - Circe de Ciurto (Italy) Best Short - 3-time AURORA winner - Platinum/Best of Show - The New York Festivals - 2 time Silver Medals - The New York Festivals - Bronze Medal - 3-time CINDI gold awards - Intercom Awards: Silver Plaque - National ITVA: Bronze/Gold/Silver  - US Int’l Film Festival: 2 Creative Excellence awards - ADWEEK Top Spots: 1998/1994 - AXIEM: Best of Show - ITVA 3-time winner - 16-time MN Video Awards - MN Video Awards 3-time Director of the Year - and more.

Scott currently works as an independent director/dp on a non-exclusive basis. To learn more visit Scott's website or use the secure contact form below to request more information.



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Highlights of awards include 2015 Addy, 2015 Telly EEH Directing, 2014 Addy/Pepsi, 2014 Telly/Pepsi, 2014 Telly Trailer/Exorcism, 22 timer Telly winner, Cannes International Advertising Festival Finalist, The New York Festivals: Gold World Medal, Adweek Top Spots: 1998/1994, 3-time ADDY winner, Axiem: Best of Show, 3-time ITVA, three-time "Director of the Year", Golden Cine Award, Effie Award, 2001 Summit Gold Award, 2000 Vision Award, Sonoma Valley Film Festival, Method Fest Film Festival; Finalist, Orinda Film Festival, 3-time Aroura winner: Platinum/Best of Show, The New York Festivals: 2-time Silver Medals/Bronze Medal, 3-time Cindi gold awards, Intercom Awards: Silver Plaque, National ITVA: Bronze/Gold/Silver, US International Film Festival: 2 Certificates of Creative Excellence and more.
Over two decades years of experience on award-winning projects with national and international clients/advertising agencies. Originally educated in architecture, art and design, the pragmatic, kinetic and engaging Director/DP has a prolific foundation of writing, cinematography and editing that drives this successful career with an excellent reputation, leadership, integrity, professionalism and honesty.
McCullough collaborated at the highest levels of production with agencies and clients through the utmost commitment to the story, casting and scene structure possible. Determination to attain the best creative outcome at every budget is always the outcome. A smart, enjoyable and prolific production is imperative for engaging stylistic results that fuels memorable performances in remarkable settings.
  • Advertising Federation of America ADDY Award – Pepsi "Countdown to Now" 
  • CANNES International Awards – Finalist, International Campaign 
  • TELLY awards (21-time winner) – Film Trailer, Music Video, Commercial, Editing
  • Houston Film Festival – Remi Award short film "Curious" 
  • Method Fest – Finalist short film “Audition” 
  • Orinda International Film Festival – Best Actress, Finalist Short Film "Audition" 
  • New York International Film Festival – Finalist "Innocent" 
  • USA International Film Festival – Best long form film "Polaris 
  • International Television and Video Association – Award of Excellence 
  • Axiem Awards – National Finalist Silver Award 
  • Festival International De Biarritz – La Meilleure Actrice -Best Actress 
  • Festival International De Biarritz – La Realisation Integral (Jury Prize) 
  • US International Film and Video Festival – Outstanding International Award - Creative Excellence 
  • EFFIE Worldwide Awards – Political/TV Bronze 
  • Summit International Awards – Creative Excellence, Gold Award for Creative Excellence 
  • Citation Awards – Regional/National Citation 
  • Indie Producer Film Festival – Finalist - Short film 
  • Circe de Ciurito (Italy) – Best Short Film 
  • Cindi Awards (3-time winner) – Gold Award 
  • Aurora Awards (3-time winner) – Platinum, Best of Show, Finalist 
  • Intercom Awards – Silver Plaque 
  • International Cinema and Technology Tour – Featured Work 
  • Minnesota Music Video Awards (16-time winner) Including 
  • Minnesota Music Video Awards - 3-time "Director of the Year" 
  • RIAA Gold Certificate Awards (8-time) – Prince Music Video Sales over $1MM 



2017 The Decks
2016 26 Floors 
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings
2016 Detours: The Film
2015 Zia (Actor showcase)
2014 The Exorcism Diaries (Short)
2008 Three Days (Episodic pilot)
2007 Curious (Short)
2004 Audition (Short)
2001 God's Helper (Short)
2001 Innocent (Episodic pilot)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short)

1993 Prince Sexy MF (music video long-form - secongd unit director, director of photography, camera operator)
1992 Prince Unauthorized (Video documentary-segment director)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (videos "Call The Law", "Strollin', "The Maxx" - second unit, concert footage, interviews and more)

1991 Prince: Gett Off (Longform music video - director and DP for most videos)

Second Unit Director
2008 One-Eyed Monster
1992 Prince: Sexy MF (Video short)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (second unit director and additional segment DP)
1987 Sign 'o' the Times (second second assistant director)

Zia (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2009 The Third Heaven (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short) (as Scott McCullough)
1992 Sexy MF (Video short) (as Scott McCullough)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (as Scott McCullough)
1991 Gett Off (Video) (as Scott McCullough)

Zia (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2014 The Exorcism Diaries (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2004/I Audition (Short) (as Scott McCullough)
2001 God's Helper (Short) (as Scott McCullough)

26 Floors
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings
2014 The Exorcism Diaries
2008 Three Days

26 Floors (story by)
2016 Captain for Dark Mornings (story by)
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short) (all scripts)
1992 Prince: Diamonds and Pearls (Video) (story treatment "Insatiable"
2001 Innocent
2001 NASCAR Thunder Theater 100% 70MM (Documentary short)

Chris Cummings “That’ll Teach Her”
Prince “Sexy M.F..”
Prince “Gett Off... Violet The Organ Grinder”
Carmen Electra “Tasty”
Prince “Gett Off... Houstyle”
Prince “Clockin’ The Jizz”
Prince “Live in London”
Prince “Money Don't Matter Tonight
Prince “Willing and Able”
Prince “The Continental”
Prince “Strollin"
Prince “Call The Law”
Prince “Gett Off-Gangster Glam”
Prince “Daddy Pop”
Eric Leeds “Little Rock”
Prince “BBC Documentary”   
Prince “My Name Is Prince”
Prince “Damn U”
Mavis Staples “The Voice”
Prince Europe Tour Rehearsal films ‘91, ‘92, ‘93 
George Clinton “We Can Funk”
Trip Shakespear (AKA Semi-Sonic) “Pearl”
The Time with Prince “We Can Funk”
Prince “Can’t Stop This Felling I Got”
Prince Live in London “Nothing Compares 2 U”
Tevin Campbell “Round and Round”
The Time “Release It”
The Time “Shake”
Ingrid Chavez and Prince “Mystery of U”
Prince “The New Power Generation”
Prince “Elephants and Flowers”
Prince “Live at Glam Slam-concert film”
Prince “Diamonds and Pearls”
And many others.

Film Festival History

Houston Film Festival – Remi Award short film "Curious"

Method Fest – Finalist short film “Audition”

Orinda International Film Festival – Best Actress, Finalist Short Film "Audition"

New York International Film Festival – Finalist "Innocent"

USA International Film Festival – Best long form film "Polaris"

Festival International De Biarritz – La Meilleure Actrice -Best Actress

Festival International De Biarritz – La Realisation Integral (Jury Prize)

US International Film and Video Festival – Outstanding International Award - Creative Excellence

Indie Producer Film Festival – Finalist - Short film Circe de Ciurito (Italy) – Best Short Film

International Cinema and Technology Tour – Featured Work


Self-Represented Independent Contractor
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Territory: United States, Canada
Contact: Scott McCullough
P: 310-437-3518
European Talent Management
Commercials, Motion Pictures and Film, Music Videos, Television
Territory: Eastern Europe
Contact: Nick Seward
P: +420 724 258 414
E: pavlina@drivenbycreatives.com
Commercials, Motion Pictures and Film, Music Videos, Television
Territory: United Kingdom
Contact: Ged Cleugh
P: 0203 096 2866
E: enquires@spectrecom.co.uk


Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 310-437-3518
United States

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Award Winning US Writer-Director with International Experience

Jason Rosette

Jason Rosette is a creative, award winning writer-director and filmmaker with over two decades experience producing motion media in the USA and abroad. He has directed and produced content in the USA, Central America, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, with a particular regional focus on ASEAN-APAC (Asia) between 2005 and the present.

Mr. Rosette is a seasoned go-to talent for scripted, factual, and short form content that seeks to deliver philanthropic, multicultural, educational, and prosocial messages. This hallmark continues with his recent (2016) direction of a prosocial spot for Microsoft Philanthropies in Asia, and other philanthropic, prosocial and educational work.

A graduate of NYU Film (BFA), with an MA in International Development studies from Royal University of Phnom Penh, Jason Rosette self-launched his career in New York with the "Utterly compelling" (Jacksonville Film Journal) grass roots feature documentary, 'BookWars("Terrific" - LA Times), which he shot, produced, edited and directed while working as a sidewalk bookseller in Manhattan in the mid to late 90's. Despite the no-budget production of the film, 'BookWars' was released in the year 2000 to wide critical acclaim, and won the Best Documentary award upon its premiere at the New York Underground film festival. The movie was screened and broadcast widely, and is now a part of the circulating films collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A unique insider's perspective on the making of this contemporary classic movie, '10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey', is available on Amazon, Nook, and other platforms.

A number of experimental films and videos followed the release of that picture, with short form PSAs and prosocial spots produced for several local and international NGOs.

Between 2003-2004, Mr. Rosette returned to his former homestate of New Mexico during the infancy of that state's filmed incentives program, to write, produce, and direct the multicultural sci-fi feature road movie, 'Lost in New Mexico'. That scripted dramatic feature enjoyed domestic festival play and a number of positive reviews; the Moving Arts Journal called the movie "a unique and interesting take on the fluidity of technology versus the recurring commonality of the human condition", while it was "Recommended for adventurous viewers" by the Library Journal. It continues to play and stream to this day on VOD and OTT.

In 2005, Mr. Rosette became active in the ASEAN-APAC (Asia) region, and directed a number of high profile advocacy documentaries for NGOs, CSOs, and private sector organizations. Clients included WildAid, Conservation International, Fauna and Flora International, and USAID implementer DAI among others. 

Several of those projects were produced under exceptionally challenging conditions, with equipment (including generators and electric) for the wildlife advocacy documentary 'Have Forest Have Life' being brought in by off-road motorcycle into remote forested and mountain areas.  Pivoting off of his own New York theater and on-camera acting experience, Mr. Rosette demonstrated a deft capability to ideate and work with talent of all kinds, as he cast, coached, and trained indigenous Jarai, Tampuen, and Kreung participants to deliver testimonial voiceovers in character for that project. A jungle-VO booth was constructed per his design out of local materials, using vines and other canopy matter as sound proofing.

Independently produced work in Asia included the supernatural Vietnam war-themed historical drama, 'Freedom Deal: Story of Lucky', the homegrown rockumentary and festival favorite, 'Vuth Learns to Rock', experimental time lapse movies including 'Bangkok Traffic', lifestyle and travel oriented content including 'Burma Bong', the festival-selected eco documentary 'Crab Ladies', and others. The documentary short, 'Orphan Teacher', informally produced in a makeshift classroom in Cambodia, reveals Mr. Rosette during his work as a volunteer educator for disadvantaged girls and boys in Phnom Penh.

During this time, he also worked (and continues to work) as a line producer and location manager for productions visiting the ASEAN-APAC region.

While in Asia Mr. Rosette and his Khmer colleagues launched, directed, and curated the first internationally recognized film festival in Cambodia since the end of the Khmer Rouge regime, CamboFest: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia. He similarly launched a regional partner event, called the Bangkok IndieFest, with friends in neighboring Thailand. The Bangkok IndieFest was hailed as a 'CNN Go Asia' pick upon its launch, only days after the turbulent 'Red Shirt Protests' in Bangkok at the time.

Between 2010-2011, he worked as a forensic editor on an action feature in Bangkok, reconstructing problematic and missing story elements in post-production, while cutting on-set and offline for various TVCs.  He also worked with regional animation house, Imagimax. Ltd., as a screenwriter and script doctor, co-writing the period Chinese themed animated feature 'Swordsman' amongst other projects.

2013-2014 saw Mr. Rosette working as an employee of the US Department of State with the US Embassy, Yangon (Rangoon Burma) at the American Center where he operated as an educator and youth group monitor. He simultaneously utilized the Embassy's direct satellite internet connection to promote his regionally produced content, including the Asian marijuana-themed travelogue, 'Burma Bong', and the Vietnam war period supernatural scripted drama, 'Freedom Deal'.

Other work directed in Asia include a music video for artist Gone Marshall, 'Go On', which was shot underwater and on land on Snake Island between Cambodia and Vietnam; the festival favorite mini-short, 'I'm Sorry I Forgot', starring Poppy the Orangutan; the quirky UFO themed 'Mysterious Workers atop Bokor Mountain'; a Microsoft Philanthropy video project (Asia) profiling the prosocial application of the Azure cloud system; a range of PSAs and outreach videos for childrens' welfare organizations in Cambodia; and many others.

Mr. Rosette is currently developing a scripted series based on the completed dramatic film, 'Freedom Deal', an OTT edutainment video portal, an array of short form prosocial PSAs, commercial TVCs and related work, and other US-Asia crossover scripted and factual film and video projects.

Jason Rosette works non-exclusively with Camerado Media

Visit his website at www.jasonrosette.com for more information

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0742891

Original Quote: 'White wine is to wine what white chocolate is to chocolate'


script doctoring
creative cloud
script doctoring


Best Documentary, New York Underground Film Festival

Microsoft Philanthropy Asia Video - Child Protection Unit / Azure Cloud

USAID/DAI Web series, Asia 




See complete filmography at www.jasonrosette.com

Selected Productions

Microsoft Philanthropy, ASEAN-APAC: Child Protection / Azure Cloud Services

Music Video, 'Go On' - Artist, Gone Marshall

Scripted Vietnam War Drama, 'Freedom Deal'

Scripted feature drama, 'Lost in New Mexico'

Factual Documentary Feature, 'BookWars'


Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Romina Schwedler

Romina is an award winning director/writer/producer with works screened internationally over the past two years since her filmmaking debut in 2014.

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she began her artistic career as a classical dancer. At the early age of 15 she moved to NYC to complete her studies at the School of American Ballet and The Juilliard School, thus beginning the path that would eventually lead her into becoming a director as well as a Meisner trained actress.

In 2014, she directed How a Man Gets Ready (a spec ad/micro-short film she also wrote/produced/edited/starred in). Through this piece she was selected as one of the top emerging filmmakers of the year at SHOOT Magazine’s 12th Annual New Directors Showcase.

After its premiere, the micro-short went on to screen at over 20 venues worldwide including TCL Chinese Theater and Toronto's Carlton Cinemas. Her next piece was Bad Connections (another spec ad/micro-short film).

Together, her micro-shorts received 37 awards and 5 nominations.

In 2015 she wrote/directed/produced The Visit: A 12 minute psychological drama starring Academy Award Nominee June Squibb (Nebraska, About Schmidt) and Sean Maher (Firefly, Serenity).

The Visit premiered at the Burbank International Film Festival where it was awarded Best Short Film by a Woman and is currently doing the festival circuit, having already earned additional awards and nominations.

Romina is currently in pre-production for her first feature film, to be shot in Argentina in Nov 2017.



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Romina's awards/nominations to date include:

• SHOOT New Directors Showcase Honoree (2014)

• Best Micro-Short Film Award - Houston Comedy Film Festival (2014)

• Best Short Film by a Woman Nomination - Burbank International Film Festival (2014)

• Best Concept Award - International Independent Film Awards (2014)

• Best Commercial Award - California International Shorts Festival (2014)

• Best Commercial Award - California International Shorts Festival (2015)

• Best Micro-Short Film Nomination – Austin Comedy Short Film Festival (2015)

• Female Filmmaker Award of Excellence - Accolade Global Film Competition (2015)

• Best Micro-Short Film by a Woman Award – Lionshead Film Festival (2015)

• Best Micro-Short Film by a Woman Award – Lionshead Film Festival (2016)

• Best Comedy Micro-Short Film Award – Austin Revolution Film Festival (2015)

• Best Comedy Micro-Short Film Award – Austin Revolution Film Festival (2016)

• Female Filmmaker of the Year Nomination – Austin Revolution Film Festival (2016)

• Best Short Film by a Woman Award – Burbank International Film Festival (2016)

• Honorable Mention - Myrtle Beach International Film Festival (2017)

• Best Short Film Nomination - CayFilm (2017)


How a Man Gets Ready (Spec Ad/Micro-Short Film): 00:01:14

Bad Connections (Spec Ad/Micro-Short Film): 00:01:00

The Visit (Short Film/Drama): 00:12:30

Film Festival History

Hollyshorts Film Festival

Cinequest Film Festival

Vail Film Festival

CayFilm - Cayman Island International Film Festival

CineGlobe Film Festival

Sunscreen Film Festival

Myrtle Beach International Film Festival

Vaughan International Film Festival

Maryland International Film Festival

Sedona International Film Festival

Burbank International Film Festival

Las Cruces International Film Festival

FICIE - Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche

SAFILM - San Antonio Film Festival

Toronto Short Film Festival

Houston Comedy Film Festival

LA Indie Film Festival

New Filmmakers NY

Austin Comedy Film Festival

Austin Revolution Film Festival

Oregon Short Film Festival

Lionshead Film Festival


Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 917-699-2172
United States

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George Tillman Jr.

George Tillman Jr. is the director of several critically and popularly acclaimed films including Soul Food and Men of Honor. His most recent film, Notorious drew praise from such critics as Roger Ebert and Peter Travers for its frank and moving depiction of the life of rapper Biggie Smalls. Through STORY, Tillman has recently begun to apply his skills as a storyteller and film craftsman to advertising projects.
Tillman was still in film school when he joined producer Robert Teitel in forming Menagerie Films. Their first project, the short film Paula, written and directed by Tillman, won numerous accolades, including a Student Academy Award. He followed that with Soul Food, a comedy based on his childhood experiences, that was distributed by Fox and became a huge critical and box office hit. He next film Men of Honor, starred Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the story of the first African-American to serve as a U.S. Navy diver.
As a producer, Tillman has been involved in several other highly successful films, including Barbershop, Barbershop 2 and the recent Home for the Holidays.


 2016 Love Is a Four-Letter Word (TV Movie) 
 2014-2016 Power (TV Series) (3 episodes) 
 2015 The Longest Ride 
 2013 The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete 
 2010 Faster 
 2009 Notorious 
 2000 Men of Honor 
 1997 Soul Food 
 1995 Scenes for the Soul 
 1992 Paula (Short) 
 2016 Barbershop: The Next Cut (producer) 
 2013 The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete
 2008 Nothing Like the Holidays
 2006 The Brandon T. Jackson Show (TV Movie) (executive producer) 
 2005 Roll Bounce (producer) 
 2005 Barbershop (TV Series) (executive producer) 
 2005 Beauty Shop (producer) 
 2004 Barbershop 2: Back in Business (producer) 
 2002 Barbershop (producer) 
 2002 Soul Food (TV Series) (executive producer - 1 episode) 
Tonight at Noon (2002) ... (executive producer)
 1997 Soul Food (written by) 
 1995 Scenes for the Soul 
 1992 Paula (Short) 
Andy Richter

Andy Richter

Andy Richter is an award-winning actor, director, writer and producer. He relishes finding the humor in stories any which way he can, and every which way but loose.
Andy rose to fame on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” as O’Brien’s sidekick, starting in 1993. He has since starred in the Emmy-nominated “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” for the Fox network, and the series “Andy Barker, P.I.” for NBC. Andy's many movie appearances include such films as Robert Altman’s “Dr. T and the Women,” “Scary Movie 2?, “Elf," “Talladega Nights”, “Blades of Glory” and “Semi-Pro,” and the various iterations of “Madagascar" (including three theatrical films, a television series and a special, thus far). Since 2009, Andy has resumed his role as announcer and comic foil to Conan O'Brien, first on "The Tonight Show" on NBC and subsequently on “CONAN” on TBS.
Andy has directed and starred in several spots for the Illinois Lottery, in addition to directing spots for the Missouri Lottery and many pre-taped moments for Conan O'Brien.




2007 Andy Barker, P.I. (TV Series) (producer - 4 episodes)
Andy Richter Controls the Universe (TV Series) (producer - 10 episodes, 2002 - 2004) (supervising producer - 9 episodes, 2002 - 2003) 

2010-2016 Conan (TV Series) (written by - 25 episodes)

2010 Team Coco Presents the Conan Writers Live (TV Movie)

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (TV Series) (written by - 131 episodes, 2009 - 2010) (writer - 12 episodes, 2009)

1993-2000 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (TV Series) (writer - 453 episodes)

1998 Late Night with Conan O'Brien: 5 (TV Movie) 


Los Angeles, CA
United States