Visual Effects and Animation

Tony Wann

Tony Wann has spent the better part of his life trying to balance his competing right and left brain. Technically minded but definitely not a scientist, aesthetically inclined but not quite an artist, motion graphics bridges the divide. It’s a realm where the technical and artistic impulses fuel and support one another.  Tony is always eager to collaborate. Whether bringing an art director’s vision to life, or working directly with clients to build a message from the ground up, he brings creativity and dedication to every project. The agencies he has partnered with include The Richards Group, TM Advertising, GSD&M, LatinWorks, and McGarrah Jessee, to create commercials and videos for clients such as AT&T, Universal Orlando, Frost Bank, Texas Lottery, and March Of Dimes.  Tony believes sleep is negotiable if the coffee is strong. He plays a four piece Vistalite drum kit because it sounds good when you hit it hard.

Joey Waldrip

After abandoning his dream of capturing Big Foot (and finally settling the matter of his existence,) Joey Waldrip joined charlieuniformtango in 2002. He started as an assistant editor, but quickly migrated to the online effects department to begin training as a Flame Artist.  He was doing sessions almost the next day and hasn’t looked back since.  Joey is an avid outdoorsman, a devoted father of three children and the de-facto vice chairman of the tango social committee.  His suite is not just the place to go to solve challenging color or effects problems. It’s also where you’ll hear the latest “country” music, find out why Joey’s never been to New York, or learn about the nuances of why baseball isn’t incredibly boring.  Joey will continue to push the envelope of what can be done with the moving image on a computer for a few more years. Then he plans to retire at the age of 52, move to Wyoming to fish and drink beer until he tires of it. Then maybe he’ll re-kindle his dream of cornering Bigfoot, eventually befriending him, then releasing him back into the wild, keeping his secret safe forever.

Brad Rushing

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Brad expressed an aptitude for art and science from a very early age.  He majored in fine art at Houston's prestigious High School For The Performing And Visual Arts and also college where he added filmmaking for a double major.  Upon completing his education, he shifted focus to filmmaking full time.  

Roger Corman's Concorde/New Horizons film studio afforded Brad some of his first feature film opportunities as Director of Photography where he learned valuable skills for innovation and economy and made fast friendships with many people who have become influential filmmakers.  

After a number of years concentrating on indie feature films Brad began to shoot high end music videos photographing award-winning, iconic clips for artists like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Nelly and Eminem.  Brad's ground-breaking work on Moby's "We Are All Made Of Stars" won an MTV Video Music Award "Moonman" for Best Cinematography in a Video, and many of the other music videos he shot have won awards such as VMAs, MVPAs and Grammys for Best Video.  Brad also won a Canadian Society of Cinematographers Award for Best Cinematography in a Video for the Alsou video "Always On My Mind."  

Brad has also achieved a reputation as a gifted commercial cinematographer.  His work includes a NASCAR Superbowl spot, notable high-profile national and international campaigns, branded-content and promo work.  

Brad was the cinematographer for the Jay Roach-directed "Dustin Hoffman - Master Class" acting workshop, his second collaboration with director Roach.  

Brad continues to photograph indie feature films including "Cook County" which won Best Feature at the Hollywood Film Festival and the Audience Award at SXSW.  Brad was cinematographer on the Warner Brothers/Wonderland/Bandito Brothers web series "Aim High 2" starring "Twilight"'s Jackson Rathbone, Aimee Teegarden and Beverly DeAngelo, which was directed by Academy Award-winning short director Ari Sandel.  

Brad recently photographed the feature films "Doolittle's Heroes," about the WWII Doolittle Raid retaliatory attack on Japan following Pearl Harbor, which was shot in the U.S. and China, and the upcoming science fiction television series starring Casper Van Dien "Salvage Marines."  

Brad's most recent work is the feature film "A California Christmas" which filmed in Petaluma, CA in July 2020, one of the first film productions to start under stringent COVID-19 safety protocols.  The film will debut on a major streaming platform for the 2020 holiday season.  

Brad's body of work features a tremendous amount of experience with visual effects and he is a full member of the Visual Effects Society.  

Brad Rushing is known for being well prepared, organized, fast, efficient and always friendly and cheerful.  

His commercial brands include: ABC, Aguila, Belkin, Blue Diamond Almonds, British Telecom, Comcast, Coors, Cricket, Disney, Fandango, Fox Sports, Fruco, Fuel TV, Geico, Glad, GSN, Hallmark, Heineken,, Macys, McDonalds, Miller,, National Geographic, NFL, NASA, Nascar, Pepsi, PlayStation, Pop Tarts, Sketchers, ROKA Sports, SC Johnson, Schweppes, Sebastian, TBS, TLC, TV Guide, Velocity, Veria Network, Vodafone, WeTV  

Brad is a:  

  • U.S. and Canadian dual citizen
  • Full Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers
  • Member of the Visual Effects Society
  • Lifetime Member of the Digital Cinema Society
  • Animal lover, advocate and vegetarian


Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Visual Effects
Table Top


  • THE SUMMERLAD "City Of Noise": Best Cinematography nomination - 2009 CSC Awards
  • ALSOU "Always On My Mind": Best Cinematography in a Music Video - 2005 CSC Awards
  • CHANTAL KREVIAZUK "Time": Best Cinematography nomination - 2003 Much Music Awards
  • CHANTAL KREVIAZUK "Time": MMVA Nomination, Much More Music Award
  • MOBY "We Are All Made Of Stars": Best Cinematography - 2002 MTV Video Music Awards
  • EMINEM "Without Me": Video Of The Year - 2002 MTV Video Music Awards
  • MOBY "We Are All Made of Stars":  Best Cinematography nomination - 2002 MVPA Awards
  • ALSOU “Always On My Mind” CSC Award, Best Cinematography in a Music Video
  • THE SUMMERLAND “City of Noise” CSC Nomination, Best Cinematography in a Music Video


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Film Festival History

"Beautiful Dead Things" (Short Film) Directors: Iggi Ogard, Renee Faia, Cast: Renee Faia, Michael Petted, Winner, Platinum REMI Award for Dramatic Short at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Official Selection: WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Diversity in Cannes Film Festival

"[In]visible" (Short Film) Director: Rosser Goodman, Cast: Nina Bergman, Bryan Dilbeck, Winner, Best Filmmaker Award at the 48 Hour Disability Film Festival, Winner, Platinum REMI Award for Suspense Short at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

Official Selection: HollyShorts Film Festival

Cash Cash featuring Sofia Reyes "How To Love" (Music Video) Director: Robert Schober Winner, Gold REMI Award for Music Video at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

"Pony" (Short Film) Director: Candice Carella, Cast: Xander Berkeley, Miko Nakano, Suzy Nakamura, Winner, Audience Award at the Sarasota Film Festival, Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Short Film at the Best Shorts Competition, Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Actress- at the IndieFEST Film Awards, Winner, Award of Merit for Best Short at the IndieFEST Film Awards, Winner, Award of Merit for Best Screenplay at the IndieFEST Film Awards, Winner, Award of Merit for Best Original Song, Winner, Silver Award for Best Narrative Short at the International Independent Film Awards, Winner, Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the California International Shorts Festival, Winner, Best Director at the Global Independent Film AwardsWinner, Best Featurette at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Drama at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Action Sequence at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, The Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Ensemble Cast at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Actor under 18 at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Best Original Song at the Global Independent Film Awards, Winner, Jury Prize Best Narrative American Short Film at the Rome International Film Fest, USA, Winner, Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the 31st Boston Film Festival, Winner, Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Festival, Winner, Jury Prize for Emerging Filmmaker Award at the Hollywood Film Festival, Winner, Outstanding Performance by a male lead actor from the Cape Cod International Film FestivalWinner, Artistic Director’s Choice at the Lady Filmmaker’s Film Festival, Winner, Best Short Award from the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, Winner, Best Short Film at the 18th FirstGlance Film Festival - Philadelphia, Winner, Best Story at the 18th FirstGlance Film Festival - Philadelphia, Winner, Gold Lion Award for Best Screenplay from the London Film AwardsWinner, Best Short Film at the Beloit International Film Festival, Winner, Award of Excellence for Best Short Film at the Canada International Film Festival, Winner, Platinum REMI Award for Best Narrative Short at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Winner, El Rey Award for Excellence in Narrative Short Filmmaking at the Barcelona International Film FestivalWinner, Audience Award at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Film FestivalWinner, Best Narrative Short Award, South Dakota Film Festival

Nominated, Best Director at the Milan International Film Festival of World, Nominated, Best Short Film at the Milan International Film Festival of World Cinema, Nominated, Best Short Film at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Nominated, Best Short Film Award at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival, Nominated, Best Short Film at the Cape Cod International Film Festival

Official Selection: Sarasota Film Festival, Best Shorts Competition, International Independent Film Awards, IndieFest Film Awards, Global Independent Film Awards, California International Shorts Festival, Through Womens Eyes Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, New York City Independent Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival, Cape Cod International Film Festival, Access Code Film Fest --- Srinagar, India, Boston Independent Film Festival, RomaCinemadoc Film Festival  --- Rome, Italy, International Film Festival of world Cinema --- Milan, Italy, Bali International Film Festival --- Bali, Indonesia, Long Beach Indie Independent Film Festival, 18th Annual First Glance Film Festival- Philadelphia, Salt Lake International Film Festival, 19th annual Hollywood Film Festival, Lady Filmmakers Film Festival --- Beverly Hills, CA, Bahamas International Film Festival- Nassau, Bahamas, Beloit International Film Festival--Beloit, WI 2016, Malibu International Film Festival London Film Awards --- London, United Kingdom, Magwill Film Festival, Pasadena International Film Festival, Taos Shortz Fest, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, Greenwich International Film Festival 

"Cook County" (Feature Film) Director: David Pomes, Cast: Anson Mount, Xander Berkeley, Ryan Donawho, Polly Cole
Winner, Best Feature, Hollywood Film Festival; Winner, Audience Award SXSW; Festival Winner, Best Feature, AFI Dallas; Winner, Audience Award, Nashville Film Festival; Winner, Best Feature, Sidewalk Film Festival

"Love And Mary" (Feature Film) Director: Elizabeth Harrison, Cast: Lauren German, Gabriel Mann
Official Selection, Hollywood Film Festival; Official Selection, SXSW


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