Shane Patrick Ford

Skills: Editor and Founder

Shane discovered his love for filmmaking while producing videos for his music compositions in high school. Soon after, he founded and operated a music venue in college, The Factory, which fueled a desire to collaborate with creatives in his community.

In 2010, Shane co-founded The Work, a Detroit-LA based production company, which brought his visual art to a broader and more professional audience. During his time at The Work, Shane was lead editor while building a post team to service their wide scope of productions. This nimble team would go on to win a Shorty and Effie.

Shane’s passion for storytelling and conceptual art informs every move he makes within his projects. His auditory awareness and visual narrative insight, with a crisp-clean reflection of the natural world, harmoniously influence his edit style. He loves small towns, cold weather, transparency, 80s horror and Carl Sagan.