Rafael Kent


Born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in Salvador Bahia, and living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, it all started with the sun for Rafael Kent. Warm weather and radiant rays of sunlight were routine and, as an ‘80s baby, his life was kick started with energy from the American pop world. He creatively mixed it with what he calls “Brazilian sauce” to create a recipe which guides his work today.

He started to work with underground artists as a manager and then discovered his passion behind the cameras doing music videos for those same artists. This underground world lends to his style even to this day, encouraging experimentation with video, sound, angles, and more.

Rafael Kent is fascinated by human behavior and uses his constant connection to the internet and social media as a way to create insight. With his strong underground influence he brings in the language of the streets and believes that being able to communicate well, regardless of race, gender, social class, belief, income or education, is one of the most powerful tools you can possess.

This quest for human connection and truth has led to a Cannes Glass Lion win and a Latin Grammy nominee. He has directed campaigns for WAZE, Samsung, 99 food, Audi, FILA and Nestle. Currently he is based in Sao Paolo, Brazil.