Director Patrick Ortman on Set in LA

Patrick Ortman

Skills: Live-Action, Modern, Visual Storytelling, Dialog, Comedy

Patrick makes award-winning brand films and commercials for Fortune 500s and challenger brands. Live-action COMEDY, DIALOG, VISUAL STORYTELLING and MODERN are his wheelhouse. He's especially good with actors, including kids. And Hollywood has paid him to write series episodes. He's done most jobs up and down the creative ladder (including DP and editor), so Patrick gets the "big picture". This makes brands, agencies, and exec producers happy.

"As a director, I bring a complete filmmaker mentality to every project I do. It's all about serving the brand and the story. It's not about my ego, although I do have one. Every decision I make is about finding the best outcomes for the project. I've spent time on the 'other side', so I see myself as an ally to the agency and client. I'm a strong leader, but I'm also a team player."

Patrick lives and works in LA (the valley) and NY (midtown). He's originally from the MIDWEST (Chicago suburbs) and went to school in the SOUTH (Atlanta). In his spare time he makes award-winning web series, writes and plays music, and helps raise a little girl and a pet rabbit.